What’s the future for the characters after the manga “Tokyo Revergers” ends?

The Tokyo Avengers manga officially ends with 278 chapters, where all the characters have a happy ending. So, what does the future hold for Mikey, Draken, Takemichi, and Toman members? Check out the article below.

On November 16, 2022, the Tokyo Avengers manga officially ends, with all characters getting a happy ending. How will our beloved dishonesty manifest itself after the days of “punch but don’t eat”? let’s see.


After changing the future with Budo, Mickey is no longer the boss of the criminal gang. With his passion for racing, Mickey became a famous motorcycle racer and never seemed to lose (except for a race in the final chapter). Draken still follows Mikey as a member of the technical support team “Top Of Manji” (you can tell what Mikey ordered from the name). They also seem to be living comfortably.

Well, in chapter 278, Ema says she’s a housewife, so Draken and Ema seem to be married. So Mikey is Draken’s younger brother now. Also, Draken asked Ema if she was tired. This is a question people often ask pregnant women, so it’s… yep, who knew.

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Kisaki-Nine Wells

Although very close to Inupi, Kokonoi’s future is not “with” his friend. Instead, he and Kisaki founded the Tk & Ko Group company to do business. Their company is very successful and is a major sponsor of Mikey and Izana’s philanthropy.

Izana and Thien Truc

Members of Thien Truc currently lead very “healthy and balanced” lives. Izana is the head of an NGO called “Tenjiku”. The remaining stalwart members, once dishonest, are now whitewashing their lives to focus on charities helping disadvantaged children.

The Haigu brothers are not very good at it, so they enjoy life by opening clubs. Judging by the number of gold rings they wear, they seem to be doing well.

Haruchiyo- Senju- Takeshi

tokyo avengers end

Haruchiyo showed the real handsome man with a face that was not torn. Along with their sister, they seem to get along well with the YouTuber. The money earned is managed by the manager Takeomi (who apparently also spends it). The changes in the past seem to make the relationship between the brothers no longer severed.

Shinichiro – dog skin

Shinichiro’s future remains unchanged from the previous timeline. Since he was not killed by Kazutora, Shinichiro is still healthy and the boss of SS Motors. Inupi is also working here now, and we can see that his face is not burned – if so, then the fire probably wouldn’t have happened, and Inupi’s sister is still alive.

Terrano South

According to the information provided, Terano has become a heavyweight MMA fighter who continues to fight against the strong. Currently, he is already the best heavyweight boxer overseas. It’s unclear how the fight with Mikey went, but South is still enthusiastic about the fight, but friendlier and more sober.

Back home, Terano South spends a lot of time at Gojou Gym – a gym run by Waka and Benkei. The “battle” side is bloody, and Tyrano is likely to go to more places after the wedding to confront worthy people.

Tai Chi – Eight Seas – Grapefruit Leaf

The Shipo family also has a pretty bright future ahead. Taiju is the owner of many restaurants (I don’t know if he is doing other gangsters now). Hakkai is still a famous model with a scar on her lip. Yuye follows behind as her brother’s manager, offering help at any time.

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Light also

Like many other timelines, Sanya is still a fashion designer. His cooperation with Hakkai is very relevant. In the future, it is likely that Hakkai will help Mitsuya’s products go further in the international market.

The futures of several other characters haven’t changed either. Peyan and Pachin are still doing real estate. Smiley and Fury are still the owners of the ramen shop. Takemichi’s friends also get their wish: Akkun is a barber, Makoto is a temple guardian, Takuya is a pharmacist, and Yamagishi – a young man who knows everything – is a government employee.


manga tokyo avengers end

Loving freedom and fun, hemp seldom stays in one place. He travels the world as a photographer. This chapter doesn’t talk much about Hamma’s income, but we don’t need to worry too much, because many friends are willing to sponsor him—especially Kisaki.

Straight people

No longer forcing yourself to be a cop, straight people can live their lives however they want. It’s unclear if the author has incorporated himself into the character, but Naoto is now a reporter for a paranormal magazine. It is possible that Naoto is currently learning about time travel.

Chifuyu – Baji – Kazutora

As an animal lover, Chidong in the new timeline has enough capital to own the pet store XJ Land. He hired Buji and Hehu to work with him. I don’t know if this store will survive. . .

According to the conversation, Baji has not yet graduated. Chidong said that Baji was “still a student”, so it seems that this guy is still stuck.

Bamboo Road – Hyuga

Hyuga Budo

It is unclear what the job of the hero and heroine is. In the end, we only know one thing, Budou and Hinata are successfully married and will surely lead a happy life. Moreover, beside Zhudao, there are also very kind friends, and there will never be any troubles in the future.

Above are the futures of all the major characters in the Tokyo Avengers manga. How do you see the ending of this work? Does the character’s life satisfy you? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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