Anime Chainsaw Man: Author Naruto Fujimoto is heavily involved in the production!

Not only the specialized MAPPA, but the original manga creator Tatsuki Fujimoto also participated in the production of a large number of Chainsaw Man animations. His involvement must be said to be extremely deep and close, so much so that it touches almost every stage of the comics!

What is Anime Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name by Naruto Fujimoto. The production is funded and produced by MAPPA, a very successful studio with “super products” such as Jujutsu Kaisen or Attack On Titan.

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The Chainsaw Man tells the story of Denji, a young man living in starvation. Accompanying him is Pochita, a dog-shaped demon with a saw blade on his head. After being attacked once, Danji nearly died. Pochita didn’t want his friend to die, so he and Denji became one. Thanks to Pochita, Chuanji was saved. From here, he also “accidentally” obtained the ability to transform into a saw demon!

Makima, a member of the Demon Hunter organization, discovered the power of Dengzhi and recruited him. Dengji’s new life begins here.

With the huge investment and enthusiasm of MAPPA, the performance of Chainsaw Man animation is impressive. The film has garnered massive acclaim from audiences around the world and is highly rated by experts.

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Original manga creator heavily involved in Chainsaw Man anime

anime chainsaw man

Not only does the MAPPA team work on the Chainsaw Man anime, but the author Naruto Fujimoto himself is extremely interested in his children. Often, manga artists are also involved in anime adaptations. However, they are often only partially involved or provide support when needed. Fujimoto-sensei is different.

According to Lin Shihei, editor of “Chainsaw Man”, Mr. Fujimoto put a lot of energy into the production process. He also regularly contacts the MAPPA team to discuss content and ideas for the Animated Chainsaw Man.

Mr. Fujimoto has seen all the material, plot structure, script, catalogue. He was and is in regular contact with MAPPA’s anime team.

anime chainsaw man

Of course, Fujimoto-sensei’s dedication doesn’t stop there. At the Anime Expo held in July 2022, producer Makoto Kimura revealed that Fujimoto-sensei participated in the selection, planning and composition. The support of the manga artist allowed MAPPA to create a Chainsaw Man that was as close to the original as it was to Fujimoto-sensei’s vision.

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Despite spending a lot of time with the MAPPA team, Fujimoto-sensei has not forgotten her compositional work. The author maintained the Chainsaw Man manga with a 2-week release schedule/chapter before the anime aired. In October, when the anime started airing, the author also worked harder, releasing new chapters regularly every week. It can be seen that Mr. Fujimoto likes Chainsaw very much and is always ready to work hard and create the best results.

At present, although the first part is not over yet, the second season of the Chainsaw Man animation will definitely be implemented by MAPPA in the shortest possible time. Author Naruto Fujimoto will of course remain involved in supporting the project. Take a look at MAPPA and the author’s current dedication, what records will be achieved in future Chainsawman series.

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