Frozen Planet II Episode 5: Release Date, Preview And Streaming Guide

Frozen Planet II, the next BBC natural history series from David Attenborough, promises a tour across Earth’s frozen kingdoms, home to endangered Siberian tigers, hangry polar bears, and disgustingly attractive penguins. The fourth episode (Frozen South) of the six-part series will be available to watch and watch on BBC iPlayer on Sunday, October 2.

Despite his advanced age of 96, British naturalist Sir David Attenborough is as enthusiastic about the planet as ever. Frozen Planet II, his most recent film, transports audiences from the poles to the highest summits in search of beautiful animals and endangered creatures.

The first season of Frozen Planet was broadcast more than a decade ago and focused on life in the Arctic and Antarctic, but this new series will delve into frozen landscapes from “its highest peaks, to its snowbound deserts, down deep beneath the ice.”

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Everything About Frozen Planet II

The new series will also examine the consequences of climate change on these cold regions. “But, just as we’re beginning to understand its biodiversity, we’re becoming aware of a frightening reality,” Sir David Attenborough said at the series premiere.

Frozen Planet II will show how a range of unusual creatures battle for existence in frozen regions all over the planet, from the Arctic and Antarctic to mountains, forests, oceans, and even deserts.

The new series will also include videos of various beautiful species and an examination of how their environments are experiencing terrible change.

Brownlow explained to Radio Times magazine how the new series would bring environmental storytelling to the forefront. “We’re transporting the audience to Narnia with what I hope will be the proper blend of awe, entertainment, and education,” he explained.

There are numerous new stories, magnificent new dramas, lovely comedy moments, and breathtaking landscapes. Still, they are all based on the idea that these places are changing and changing faster than we could have predicted. We are capturing the exquisite beauty of this fast-changing, dynamic world while also telling the story of how these changes are affecting wildlife.

Aerial footage of an avalanche’s fatal wall of crashing snow in Greenland and an incredible piece following a musk ox through a blizzard are among the highlights (the camera operator resided in a garden shed that he hauled around with his snowmobile). But it’s the Siberian tigers who steal the show; there are only 550 left in the world, and it took the producers of Frozen Planet II three years to capture them on film.

Mark Brownlow, the season’s director, recently spoke to Radio Times magazine about balancing “the dismal to the spectacular” and ensuring the series is timely.

“We have to present the current story of what’s going on,” he remarked. “The days of presenting you a paradise and dismissing your worries are long gone – If we didn’t strike environmental issues, I believe we’d be laughed out of the room..”

Each episode of the six-part BBC series is 60 minutes long and focuses on a different environment. This week, Frozen Planet II’s episode 4 transports viewers to Antarctica for a spectacular look at seal pups and blue whales.

Frozen Planet II Episode 5 Release Date

The Frozen Planet II Episode 5 will release on October 9, 2022. 

Frozen Planet II Streaming Schedule

Episode 1 – Frozen Worlds | 8 pm BST, September 11, 2022

Episode 2 – Frozen Ocean | 8 pm BST, September 18, 2022

Episode 3 – Frozen Peaks | 8 pm BST, September 25, 2022

Episode 4 – Frozen South | Sunday, October 2, 2022, 8 pm BST

Episode 5 – Frozen Lands | Sunday, October 9th, 8 pm BST

Episode 6 – Our Frozen Planet | Sunday, October 16, 2022, 8 pm BST

What Will Frozen Planet II Episode 5 will Be About?

Premiering on October 9th, 8 pm BST, The Frozen Lands episode will transport us to the planet’s far north, where we will explore the world’s biggest terrestrial environment, home to vast Boreal forests and bleak tundra. The seasonal extremes control this huge wilderness. In the winter, wolves subsist by confronting American bison in a super pack of 25. This time of year is the sole prey accessible to them.

Will There Be A Planet Earth 3?

Yes, there will be a third Planet, Earth. The show will premiere in 2022, following the success of Planet Earth 2. The Planet Earth series debuted in 2001. The Blue Planet also features one of the Planet Earth franchise’s most acclaimed and profitable series.

Where Can I Watch The New Attenborough?

David Attenborough’s nature documentary is currently streaming only on BBC iPlayer.