TOP 10 couples in anime and manga who consider enemies but are friends (Part 2)

Naruto – Sasuke, Goku – Vegeta, Deku – Bakugou,… There are many couples in anime and manga who think they are enemies but are actually friends. In this part 2, let’s take a look at the remaining TOP 10 couples!

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In the previous installment, Lag introduced you to 5 very famous couples in the Japanese manga and anime world who consider enemies to be friends. In this part 2, the remaining names of the TOP 10 will be revealed. Don’t waste any more time, let’s see.

6. Light – Error

Anime, Manga: Death Note.

Light and L are two opposites in Death Note. Bright appears to be bright and works for justice, but is actually a dangerous villain, an “unreliable storyteller”. At the same time, L looks eccentric and eccentric, but is a very right-minded front runner. These two are like a yin and yang symbol – not even friends can truly reconcile.

That’s why Light chooses to kill his “friend” even though he is having a good time with L. If they had met at different times and under different circumstances, perhaps the two would have become close friends.

7. Yugi – Seahorse

Anime, manga Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yugi - Seahorse Anime Manga

Talking about the husband and wife who think they are enemies but actually friends, it is impossible not to mention the “destiny” of Haima and Yongmu. Always face to face as two old enemies, Game and Kaido actually have a lot of respect for their opponents. They also support each other when needed. The relationship between games and the hippocampus is straightforward, clear, and very specific. It’s like… equality between two kings.

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8. Silver Time – Takasugi

Anime, manga: Gintama.

Gintoki - Takasugi

Gintoki and Takasugi are both classmates who were taught by Shouyu. Due to their different personalities, the two kept fighting. At the time of the incident——Shou Yu died, Gintoki and Takasugi also chose two very different solutions. Gradually, the two characters became each other’s “enemies”. Fortunately, after countless incidents, they were able to stand together again.

9. Ichigo – Uryuu

Anime, Manga: Bleach.

Ichigo - Rain Dragon

Ichigo is the god of death. Uryuu is Quincy. The two characters belong to two opposing “organizations,” so their relationship isn’t exactly teammates. However, the two still work side by side on a rather dangerous mission. In the anime Bleach: A Thousand Years of Blood, Ichigo and Yuryu will go head-to-head again. Where will their special “friendship” go? Wait for the anime to know.

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10. Flower arrangement – Rukawa

Anime, Manga: Slam Dunk.

Flower Arrangement - Rukawa

In Japanese manga and anime, there are still many couples who consider themselves enemies but are friends. However, after weighing and measuring, Lager asked permission to put the ikebana-rukawa in the last position. From the very beginning of “Slam Dunk”, Hanado and Rukawa have had huge differences. However, in order to go higher and further, they practiced on the football field and learned to work with each other. Although there are still differences in the end, it is clear that this is a perfect pair of friends for the “friend and foe” genre, and it has great learning value for future authors.

Above are the top 10 couples in manga and anime who consider enemies but are friends. Which pair do you like best? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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