What is journalism and why does the TikTok community use journalism so frequently?

News is a term frequently used by the Vietnamese community on Tiktok and social media sites. But do you really understand what a Guardian is?

In recent days, every time you browse TikTok or any social media site in Vietnam, you may hear “thursday newspaper“repeated many times, but you don’t understand what it means, why this sentence newspaper thursday used so much?In today’s post, let’s lag terms”thursday newspaper“What does it mean?

What is a reporter?

reporter is a phrase used to refer to People who do nothing or help, but instead destroy and influence others. These actions are Repeat over and over at a fixed frequency Will be known as Baby Baby by the online community.

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What is a reporter?

terms reporter Not only for humans, but also for animal words, as long as they have the above characteristics. E.g:

“It’s fine for a dog to walk a blind person across the street, but for example, the dog walking its owner into a puddle is a real report.”

Subject is generally considered a “Republican”

In life, we all have the ability to be one.reporter“, but it also depends on how often or only occasionally. Young people play, gather, run around, and those who affect social order are journalists.

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What is a reporter?

What is a reporter?