Top 5 forgotten characters from popular manga and anime!

With the addition of a certain character’s story, the following TOP 5 characters seem to have been forgotten by the author…disappeared and never appeared again. Who are they and what popular manga and anime are they from? Let’s look at lager.

In manga and anime, characters are often created to facilitate the plot or to create more context and content for the work. Some characters may appear long-term over the course of the story to continue to have an impact. Meanwhile, some of the others may be… forgotten after they complete their “mission”.

In the next article, Lag will list the top 5 forgotten characters from popular manga and anime. See if you can remember them!

1. Release – Dragon Ball

Do you remember this girl? In the first content of Dragon Ball, Launch was introduced to the audience. Usually, Launch is a gentle and lovely lady. However, every time she sneezed, she was psychologically manipulated—turned into a ferocious big sister, ready to shoot to disperse the crowd.

Launch makes a good impression as a beautiful character with two personalities. But because later, Dragon Ball was developing towards Launch, so she gradually disappeared.

Not only Launch, but many other characters of Dragon Ball have also been “forgotten”, such as Popo, the cat god Korin, Oolong, Yamcha, Yajirobe, … Do you remember Cao Wan Qi? If so, that’s fine, because even Toriyama-sensei has forgotten about the character!

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2. Ebisu – Naruto

Ebisu - Naruto

Ebisu was one of the masters who trained Naruto. This character didn’t work because he was too big and had a somewhat… unlikable personality, so after Naruto followed Jiraiya, the teacher didn’t appear again.

In addition to Ebisu, Naruto has many characters who have appeared and played important roles, but disappeared as the story progressed. A few names can be mentioned, such as Hongnei, Shishi, the ninja of the Chunin Exam, … More and more characters “disappear” when they come to Boren.

3. Kon – Bleach

Kon - Bleach

To make sure you remember who Kon is, check out the first few chapters of Bleach. In short, Kon is an artificial soul. He was sold to Rukia by Mr. Urahara so that Ichigo’s body could function when he split into Reaper (sounds a bit silly). Kang is a minor character in a supporting role, but the story of his birth and Kang’s interaction with the Ichigo family is very interesting.

Due to Bleach’s later storylines, which focus on combat, Kon almost never appears. He doesn’t reappear until the end of the story – although to be fair, this comeback is rather “boring”.

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4. Smoker – one piece

smoker - one piece

Originally, Smoke was cast as a character who could fight Luffy and would be the one to hunt down the protagonist. In Arc of Harmony, Smoke also had a chance to appear, but his performance was not impressive. Now that One Piece has surpassed 1000 chapters, Luffy defeated the Four Emperor Kaido, where is the smoker? Will he come back in the future?

5. Dr. Chamar – The Tutor Killer Reborn

Dr. Shamal - Tutor Killer Reborn

If I hadn’t written this article, the author might have forgotten about this character. In the episode of the Tutor Killer Reborn, Dr. Shamar is a doctor and assassin. Shamar’s weapon is the “Trident Mosquito” and the diseases he studies. Shamal was once the master of Gokudera. He and Bianchi also have a good relationship. Shamal is usually funny – but in the second half of the Tutor Killer Rebirth, he’s nowhere to be seen.

Above are the top 5 forgotten characters from popular manga and anime. Can you remember them? Besides the above characters, do you remember any other forgotten characters? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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