Japan forced cartoonists and Vtuber to reveal their true identities, making many people “cry”

Under the newly added law, Japan will make it mandatory for manga artists, Vtuber and other celebrities to reveal their real identities. By Jujusu Kaisen, Kimetsu No Yaiba This stage is tense!

Why mangakas, Vtuber often hide their identities?

Mangaka is a word used to describe professional manga artists. Because the work of drawing cartoons is very hard and time-consuming, cartoonists often do not have time to communicate with outsiders, so there are many cases of writing famous stories without even knowing the neighbors.

Of course, there are still situations where cartoonists have to be present, such as interviews or product promotions. In reality, however, many cartoonists do not like to reveal their identities. They hide it because they want to “protect” the normal life of themselves and their families.

Some artists who have very famous works but still no one knows their faces can include:

  • Kiyoharu Gotouge, author of Kimetsu No Yaiba.
  • Gege must see, the author of “Jiu-Jitsu Naval Battle”.
  • Ishida Suo, author of Tokyo Ghoul.

Currently, as more and more manga works are published on the web, the number of hidden manga is also increasing. Not only cartoonists, Vtubers and entertainers are “celebrities”, but few people know who they are. This is part of their “freedom” to be able to work and live more comfortably.

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Japan adds law requiring cartoonists and Vtuber to show their faces

Japanese manga artist

Recently, Japan plans to add a law requiring manga artists, Vtubers and artists to reveal their real identities. This identity will be stored in a database accessible to everyone. In addition, real identities will be used for contracts and invoices. The goal of the law is to increase the “transparency” of identities.

With the new rules, an individual’s name will be chosen as an identifier, rather than a contact number or address as before. Identity databases will soon be available to everyone, helping tax authorities to accurately collect data on businesses working with Vtubers, cartoonists or artists.

In general, the above-mentioned laws are designed to eliminate situations where companies create “fake characters” for illegal profits. The law has been added and then of course it has to have its own benefits. However, for many people, this law is unfair, has many loopholes, and is especially bad for freelancers.

Recently, voice actor support group “Voiction” launched a petition with more than 90,000 signatures. The number of signatures is still growing, showing divisions among many.

What are your thoughts on Japanese laws requiring manga artists, Vtubers and entertainers to show their faces? Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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