TOP 5 Great Anime About Football You Should Watch During World Cup Season!

Bringing drama, tension, and ‘phantom’ matches, the following TOP 5 great anime are the names you should definitely finish this 2022 World Cup season. let’s start.

The football genre has already gained a firm foothold in the Japanese market. So far, there have been a number of cartoons that have capitalized on the genre. Among them, the following are the TOP 5 best anime not to be missed in the 2022 World Cup season.

1. Captain Winglet

In fairly simple terms, Captain Tsubasa tells the story of the squad and Captain Tsubasa Ozora. With a passion for football and a dream of winning the World Cup for Japan, Tsubasa has been practicing hard and “fighting” against tough opponents.

Captain Tsubasa can be seen as the name that brought the football genre to Japanese audiences. As you know, in Japan, baseball is king, and really, not many people are interested in football. However, thanks to captain Tsubasa, the football genre in particular and football in general won everyone’s sympathy. Many Japanese players today embarked on a football career because of this work.

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2. Giant kill

giant killing

“Giant Slayer” is adapted from the manga of the same name by Masaya Tsunamoto. In this exercise, we’ll be following a “special” team that has a very poor record. To improve the situation, the management decided to hire former Japanese great player Tatsumi Takeshi as coach. Under the leadership of the “eccentric uncle”, this despised team has gradually made the rich and powerful feel frightened.

3. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven

You’re looking for an anime that combines passionate football with entertaining fantasy – Inazuma Eleven is a great choice for you. Like so many titles about sport of kings, we’ll be following a particular team as they take down other opponents. What’s particularly intriguing about Inazuma Eleven is that each player possesses a special skill that allows them to create extremely magical balls on the soccer field.

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4. Ash Pond


For those who like reality, Oasi would be a very appropriate name. In order to train new players for the Japanese team, Tatsuya Fukuda also recruited young talented players. Ahito is one of them. Escaping from the school’s “village pond” and entering a bigger arena, can Ah Zhi surpass his competitors and win an official position for himself? Stay tuned for answers.

5. Blue Lock

blue lock

The animation that brings the feeling closest to the World Cup is probably the cartoon “Blue Lock” released in the fall of 2022. In this work, we will see the strict training system for 300 young Japanese players to “survive” the game. With each round of testing, incompetent players are phased out. The only person who “survives” will get a ticket to become the striker of the Japanese team.

Blue Lock combines elements of reality and fantasy to create an extremely captivating show. Later, many of the characters in the story were also based on real players. Coupled with the open competition of the “Top 5 Teams”, I believe this work will be very enjoyable to watch. .

The above are 5 good-looking anime about football that cannot be ignored in the 2022 World Cup season. Are you passionate about football? What do you think is the best anime on this list? If so, which team do you think will win this year’s World Cup? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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