What is Nut Free November? What is NNN? – Players eat vegan food in November

No Nut November or NNN is a 1-month challenge that does not involve any sexual activity involving “selfies” or touching your boy during November.

So, on November 3, 2011, a user named bicboi6969696969 posted an article titled “No Nut November” describing the “No Nut November” challenge. November 2017. The No Nut November challenge went viral and spread across the world meme community.

no nut november A lot of gamers believe that completing it will help the mind and body develop to a super-genius level as it returns the body to its pure state. While this event is only for men, it also affects girls who have boyfriends at the event. no nut november this.

Therefore, the law of No Nut November is described as follows:

  • Participants did not engage in any sexual activity, such as “taking selfies,” or having sex in any way.
  • See any depraved publication and go up but not out.
  • You can only dream 1 time, if more than 1 time, you lose.
  • If you exceed 30 days of No Nut November, you win

What is Nut Free November? What is NNN? - Gamers 2 November's Vegan Vegan

For the first time, No Nut November – NNN was circulated to raise funds to cure cancer in the world.

Additionally, getting No Nut November is a stepping stone to the larger event Destroy Your Dick December.Then you have to keep taking selfies until Christmas