Japanese fans demand removal of actor who played Yul Fogg from ‘Spy X Family’!

Not long ago, the cast of the theatrical version of Spy X Family was announced. While Yuri, the actor who played Loid… had no problem, the two actresses who played Yor Forger were criticized and belittled by some Japanese fans.

About the Spy X Family Theatre Project

Stage play is a form of stage play – a fairly popular art form in Japan. Japanese stage plays are often adapted from well-known manga and anime. Recently, the Spy X Family stage play project was announced, which has received strong interest from the audience.

In early October 2022, the cast for the Spy X Family stage was announced. The announced roster is now full of the main cast. The Forger family consisting of Loid, Yor, Yuri and Anya will be played by two actors (taking turns). At present, the two actors who will play Anya have not yet been determined, and the production team is still considering suitable candidates for the roles.

As planned, the Spy X Family stage play will be staged on March 8, 2023 on the stage of the Royal Theater in Japan. Actor details can be found in the following articles by Lag:

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Japanese fans demand removal of actor who played Yor Forger in Spy X Family

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According to information from the famous Japanese entertainment channel Myjitsu, there are currently many viewers who are not satisfied with the cast of the Spy X Family stage play – namely the two actors in the role, Fuka Yuzuki and Mirei Sasaki. These comments suggest that these two actors don’t really fit the role of Yor!

If you like Jbiz, you must have heard the names Fuka Yuzuki and Mirei Sasaki. Fuka Yuzuki is a very famous talented actor in Japan, and Mirei Sasaki is the talented idol of Hinatazaka46. In terms of acting, these two are very good, so we can understand why the production team chose them to play the role of Yor.

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Many people think that the problem is not with the two actresses, but with the makeup stage. Judging by the released images, the makeup looks of the two live-action versions of Forgers look very different from the originals. Still, if they can really convey the characters, it won’t be too much of a problem.

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In fact, this problem exists with almost every stage project that adapts manga and anime, such as Kimetsu No Yaiba, Naruto, or My Hero Academia. Many viewers are always asking actors to look like their favorite characters, paying little attention to other factors—including acting.

At present, there are various opinions about the role of Yor Forger in the Spy X Family stage play, and it is still hotly debated. The manufacturer has yet to take any action. According to Lag, changing actors is nearly impossible. However, they can completely change the way they dress to bring the characters closer to the original.

And you, what do you think? Does the real-life Yor Forger in the Spy X Family stage play satisfy you? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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