Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?America’s sickest killer will be filmed on Netflix

Jeffrey Dahmer, who committed 17 crimes and was keen to preserve the bodies of his victims, has been called America’s most morbid and terrifying killer.

“Now that it’s over, I don’t want the word freedom either, I don’t want freedom, in fact, I want death to come to me, at this moment, the whole world will know me, know the people. What I did, I have no reason Hate anyone I know I’m a demon or mentally ill or both now I believe I’m not well my doctor told me about this disease and I have some symptoms. I know why I would do such a harmful thing. Thank God I won’t do any more harm. I believe that only Jesus can save me from my sin…”

These are the last words of America’s most brutal killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed and ate them, taking human bones as his trophies.

Who is Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer?

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer (born May 21, 1960, died November 28, 1994), also known as Milwaukee Cannibalsa serial killer and sex offender charged with raping, murdering and dismembering 17 men and teenage boys between 1978 and 1991, many of which involved euthanasia, cannibalism, and even the confiscation of certain bodies parts, especially those related to the structure of the human skeleton.

Jeffrey was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder by a neurologist and criminal psychologist, however, the judge found him legally sane throughout the trial.

As a perpetrator in 15 of 16 cases in Wisconsin, he was sentenced to 15 life sentences on February 15, 1992. He was later sentenced to a 16th life sentence after being convicted. Convicted of murder in Ohio in 1978. On November 28, 1994, Jeffrey was beaten to death by inmate Christopher Scarver at Columbia Prison, where they were both serving their sentences.

the only escaped victim

14-year-old Konarak was the only lucky kid to escape the devil. With his survival instinct, the boy luckily escapes from the horror apartment where a blond man, Dahmer, tries to numb his nerves. Konarak rode out in a state of exhaustion and tried to run as fast as he could because it was his only chance of survival.

At 2 a.m., he met Sandra Smith, who immediately called 911. Soon, police and paramedics arrived at the scene. Paramedics quickly wrapped a blanket around the boy, trying to understand what the Asian boy was saying.

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?America's sickest killer will be filmed on Netflix 2

Just then, a tall blond man stood beside the boy. The man told police that Konerak, 19, was his lover and that the boy was drunk. Still under the influence of narcotics, Konarak could no longer speak coherently or argue with the man’s lies. As if to prove what he said, Dahmer showed a photo of the policeman posing with Konarak. Despite Sandra Smith’s attempts to interrupt the conversation, the officer ignored them and only listened to the pale man.

She was annoyed and angry because they were witnesses and saw the horrified look on the boy’s face as he tried to flee the man before police arrived. To verify his claims, two police officers and the boy went to the apartment where he lived. Konarak’s clothes can be seen on the sofa, along with two pictures of boys in black shorts. Konarak sat motionless on the sofa, saying nothing or understanding his explanation to the police.

When his partner caused an uproar, he apologized to the police and promised not to let anything like that happen again. The police believed the man and didn’t want to spend another minute in the gay apartment, and left while Konarak was still sitting in his chair. However, in that icy room, they missed a lot.

dead body in bedroom

Little did the police know that there was a decomposing body of Tony Hughes in that apartment. As soon as the police left, he turned and strangled the Asian boy and used his body to do bad things. In addition to Konarak’s pictures, there are many pictures of the murderer taking murder scenes and cutting the bodies into pieces as trophies.

The story doesn’t stop there. After the police left, Sandra Smith’s mother called the police several times to inquire about the whereabouts of the Asian child. She asked how old he was, and the authorities replied: “He is not a child, but an adult”. Still, she asked a lot of questions, which irritated the officer who answered the phone: “Ma’am, I don’t have to answer any more, I know this, I live in my boyfriend’s apartment, and of course I can’t interfere in their lives. “

Two days later, she called the police again and saw an article about the missing Laotian boy Konerak Sinthasomphone, who was very similar to the kid who ran away from Jeff Dahmer’s house. The police hung up the phone and did not speak.

criminal exposure

Two months later, on July 22, 1992, two Milwaukee-area police officers spotted a man in handcuffs while patrolling near Marquette College. They asked what he had done and believed the man had escaped from another police officer. He recounted how a strange man punched him in his own apartment. That’s Tracy Edwards.

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?America's sickest killer will be filmed on Netflix 3

Edwards’ story bears little resemblance to what’s happening in the gay community, and police typically avoid such cases, but police believe they should also check on the man who assaulted Edwards.

They came to the Oxford apartment at 924 North 25th Street, knocked on the door of room 213, and a blond man in his 31s appeared. He suggested going to the bedroom to get the key to unlock the handcuffs.

Edwards now remembers that the knife he threatened was in the bedroom. So one of the two police officers decided to go to the bedroom with them. Now, the police noticed the photos around the room and freaked him out. The dismembered human body, the skull in the refrigerator and the image of him quickly handcuffing the man and ordering his arrest, Jeffrey Dahmer.

Dahmer resisted the cops who caught him, while another cop checked the refrigerator and yelled because there was a human head in it. The police began to search the entire house, horrified by the disgust. The stench filled the room, and there was a rotting head in the soda bucket. On the freezer, there are 3 more heads, neatly wrapped in nylon bags.

The death toll may be more than that. The pressure cooker at the back of the room also revealed several hands and a sensitive part that was decaying. In addition, in several glass bottles, there are many chemicals used to preserve corpses.

Many of Dahmer’s photographs depict brutal images of victims in anatomical positions. According to DNA analysis, it belonged to the missing young man and a close relative of Dahmer.

The horror of the horrific killer’s life has been lifted with the intervention of police and forensic experts. During the investigation, only Detective Patrick Kennedy had Dahmer share his 13 years of total killing.

According to this, Dahmer developed a penchant for killing and having sex with men at the age of 14, but it was not until after high school that he refrained from this bizarre hobby. Dahmer was living with his father in June 1978. In Bath, Ohio, he hitched a ride with a man named Steven Hicks. They have sex and beer together, but then Hicks wants to go. Dahmer was terrified at the thought of the man leaving her, so he hit Hicks in the head with a barbell, then dismembered the unfortunate victim’s body, chopped it into pieces, and placed it in a large garbage bag. , and throw them into the forest behind the house.

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?America's sickest killer will be filmed on Netflix 4

In October 1981, Dahmer was arrested for a drunken riot, and everything was under control for the next four years, until September 1986, when he was arrested for molesting in front of two boys. In September 1987, Dahmer held hands with a second victim, Steven Toumi, at a hotel. Dahmer doesn’t remember how she killed him, but when it was all over, Toumio died bleeding from his mouth.

He stuffed the body in a large suitcase and took Toumi to the basement of the house, where he did a horrific job before cutting off his limbs and throwing it away. A few months later, the third victim was a 14-year-old Native American boy named Jamie Doxtator. In March 1988, he killed Guerrero at a gay bar in Milwaukee.

That summer, Dahmer had sex with four men. On May 14, 1990, Dahmer also moved into Apartment 213 at 924 North 24th Street and committed an even more brutal act on the 1st.

Within 15 months, Dahmer had sex with 12 men. Especially from May to July 1991, he broke up with one person a week. 3 blacks and 1 white, 1 Lao and 1 Hispanic. Dahmer’s victims were non-gay. Thus, the youngest victim was Konerak, 14, and the oldest, 31.


On July 25, 1991, Jeffrey was charged with first-degree murder for four murders. On August 22, that number increased to 15. On September 14, investigators in Ohio found hundreds of bone fragments, including two molars and a vertebra, that matched the patient’s X-ray record. Steven Hicks. Three days later, Ohio authorities charged him with murder.

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?America's sickest killer will be filmed on Netflix 5

Jeffrey has not been charged with intentionally assaulting Tracy or murdering Steven Tommy. He was not charged with killing Steven because Milwaukee County prosecutors can only bring charges if the case is proven to be warranted. Jeffrey doesn’t remember him killing Steven, and no physical evidence has been found. At a preliminary hearing on January 13, 1992, Jeffrey argued that he was guilty and mentally ill.

trial process

Jeffrey’s trial begins January 30 in Milwaukee. Three weeks later, when the trial concluded, Jeffrey was found legally sane and convicted of 15 murders. He was sentenced to life in prison (Wisconsin abolished the death penalty). Jeffrey was later detained at Columbia Correctional Center in Portage, Wisconsin. Three months later, he was taken to Ohio for the trial of Steven Hicks, where he was convicted on May 1, 1992, for a 16th time.