‘Learn’ Naruto, Boruto anime has 270 episodes but more than 200 episodes are filler!

Anime Naruto once surprised the audience when up to 40% of the episodes were filler. But what was it with Boruto’s 80% figure! Yes, there are 4 filler episodes every 5 Boruto episodes!

What is filler?

Filler is a concept commonly used in anime adaptations of the original manga. Anime will often have to follow the plot of the original manga. However, in some cases, filmmakers will add episodes with new content. These are called filler sets.

Filler is most often used in TV anime that show continuously every week. The main effect of filler is to expand on things that were not shown in the original manga or simply to “buy time” for the main story to develop enough for the anime to continue.

Naruto filler has many…

naruto filler

Anime Naruto is a very famous cartoon title in terms of filler episodes. According to statistics, the entire Naruto has 720 episodes and including 295 filler episodes. If calculated according to the ratio, the number of filler episodes accounts for 40.1% of anime. That means for every 5 episodes you watch, there will be two filler episodes.

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Boruto filler even more: up to 80%!

boruto filler

According to statistics, out of 267+ episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, more than 200 episodes are filler – accounting for 80% of the episodes. This is a pretty “crazy” number because on average, there are 4 filler episodes in every 5 episodes.

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Why does Boruto have so many fillers?

anime boruto

The first reason is because the anime did it “too early”. Boruto started releasing 1 month/chapter from May 2016 with the first arc being an adaptation of the movie Boruto: Naruto The Movie. April 2017, anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations officially aired. In less than a year, Boruto has only had a dozen or so chapters published and only one new chapter is added every month. Meanwhile, anime airs up to 4 episodes/month. This makes the filmmakers forced to insert filler so that the anime can air regularly.

Another reason is because the film crew was allowed to create more storylines. Perhaps because of this, despite knowing that the anime will soon catch up with the manga, studio Pierrot still released the movie.

Despite receiving mixed reviews, the Boruto anime is still “doing well” thanks to the support from fans. Some of the film’s filler content was also rated quite well. Hopefully the film crew will continue to work hard to come up with more engaging new content in the future.

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