One Punch Man – The ONE author introduces a new fighting comic-style Ragnarok record!

After Mob Psycho 100, One Punch Man, ONE continues with new fighting action comics. Details and story content will be revealed in this article!

ONE is a Japanese manga artist. Although it has “doodle” drawings with other manga authors, ONE has the ability to create a very good plot. As of now, ONE has two world-renowned works, One Punch Man and Mob Psychology 100.

Recently, according to leaked news, ONE will create a new work. The manga will be in the action fantasy genre, titled VERSUS. This time around, ONE will no longer draw the story itself like Mob Psycho 100, leaving the visuals to Kyoutarou Azuma, the artist who is making the popular Tenkaichi.

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At this time, no details about the contents of VERSUS have been announced. Judging by the name and some leaks, it looks like VERSUS will be a confrontation between the 47 strongest heroes and the 47 strongest demons. This theme is very similar to Shuumatsu No Valkyrie – Record Of Ragnarok loved by the audience.

The fact that ONE is collaborating with a talented writer like Azuma Kyotaro has the audience very excited. It is expected that this work will be the second One Punch Man to push the ONE name to a higher level. However, will the new work cause ONE to suspend the webcomic One Punch Man that already has an irregular release schedule?

One Punch Man

Whether One Punch Man will end anytime soon remains to be confirmed. However, it is not uncommon for comic book authors to create two works at the same time. In addition, because ONE is only responsible for the composition of VERSUS, the workload is not too heavy.

According to the current plan, VERSUS will be published in the form of 1 month/chapter in the Nov. 26, 2022 issue of Junior Sirius Magazine. Lag will definitely add new information about the title in the near future. This comic is by the creator of One Punch Man, so be sure to keep up.

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