Spoiler Kingdom 738: Ly Mu Attacks Nghi An Castle – Vuong Tien Helps Fight?

Spoiler Kingdom Chapter 738, Chapter 737 Summary: Unstoppable, Li Mu and Zhao Jun attack Ngee Ann City. Qin Zheng was forced into a desperate situation. How can Hoan Ky turn things around this time?

Summary Kingdom 737

Led by Beech, the Qin army attacked Sichler Castle. The fight wasn’t too much of a problem. Qin easily captured the fortress. However, as Beach saw each soldier fall, he gradually realized that his army had been poisoned by Trieu. Early the next morning, most of the Qin army in Xiqi Le City were killed, leaving only a few others such as Beech. Trieu’s army came to the castle to arrest Bich and take him away.

In another development, Ly Muc leads his army to attack Nghi An Castle.

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Spoiler Kingdom 737: Bich is poisoned by Mu – Army of Millions Attacks Nghi An Castle!

Spoiler Kingdom 738

Kingdom 738

At the beginning of this chapter, flares are fired from three places. This seems to be a cannon of the Qin army outside Yi’an city, informing the army inside the city that Cui Er is attacking. Dieu felt a little worried, and Hoan Ky was still awake.

In the capital, Qin officials were discussing the current war. The originally calm Xiong Pingquan also had to sweat, which shows that Qin’s situation is very difficult.

In another place, Wang Jian and others were looking at the map, preparing to attack. Spoilers don’t make it too clear what’s next for Vuong Tien.

In the final pages of the story, Ly Mu and his army attacked Nghi An Castle. The battle will culminate in the next chapter!

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Kingdom 738 release date

The King of Heaven Chapter 738 is scheduled to be released tenth November 2022. Spoilers will be updated right away in this post by Lag.vn, so bookmark it now if you don’t want to miss it!

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