Teacher has fever because she looks like a lost sailor moon in real life

Recently, a female English teacher has swept the online community because she looks no different from Sailor Moon in the comics.

Recently in China, the name of an English teacher (whose name has not been disclosed) has suddenly become a trending topic on social networking sites because of her beauty and looks that resemble plagiarism. Author: Sailor Moon, a famous Japanese anime character.

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Specifically, this video circulated on the Internet the image of “Sailor Moon teacher” with a large black bow tied on his head, wearing a school uniform and a tie during class, and after class is physical education. All of a sudden, it has gained a lot of attention and interaction on the social network of hundreds of millions of people.

Sailor Moon Real Life Sailor Moon

It is reported that the teacher is from Kunming, southwest China. The teacher also gained a reputation among students for her fresh, energetic, friendly, and enthusiastic approach to teaching, before going viral on social media for her same style as Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon Real Life Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon is a manga character created in the 1990s and is very famous in the Land of Cherry Blossoms.