TOP 6 anime female characters with short hair, fans love but mostly sorry!

I don’t know if it’s because of the curse of short hair that the girls behind, although extremely beautiful, still only win the hearts of fans, but never get the love of the male lead. In this article, let’s take a look at the TOP6 short-haired anime female characters who are loved by fans but criticized by their masters.

In the world of anime, there are many things that not everyone can explain, such as the black-yellow couple who are still in good health, the female protagonist who flies wildly but does not lose her skirt, and the short-haired female protagonist is usually lost in love. In this article, Lager lists the top 6 short-haired beautiful girl characters who are loved by thousands of fans but failed to conquer the heart of the hero. Come on, let’s get started.

1. Fiona Frost – Spy X Family

To start off this “unlucky numbers” list, let’s welcome Fiona Frost aka Agent of Nightfall. Here’s an agent who works for WISE, and she’s really, really into Twilight. Looking at her code name, we can also see how “simple” this girl is: Nightfall – dusk, next to Twilight – the time of dusk – she wants to be with Lloyd all the time!

Although she loved Lloyd very much, Fiona never showed her feelings. She always tries to be calm and professional so she can be a reliable companion to Loid. Fiona is covering it up so well that no one knows except Anya.

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2. Rem-Re: From Scratch

Rem - Re: Zero

Rem is a fan-favorite character with short hair – something most manga and anime fans can probably live with. Rem is beautiful, brave, strong, and extremely reliable. Rem scored 10 points in all aspects, but Subaru regretted it, because the person he loves is Emilia!

3. Ichigo – Darling In The FranXX

Ichigo- Darling In The FranXX

Hiro and Zero Two are the top over the top OTPs in Darling In The FranXX, and their get-together has the audience very happy. But, do you remember Ichigo? The short-haired girl is also very talented and beautiful, and she likes Shiro very much. She also has an advantage, that is, Ah Hong’s childhood sweetheart, who has been with the male lead for a long time. But in the end, she still failed to win the heart of the male lead.

4. Tsubaki – Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso

Tsubaki - Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso

Also a “victim” of the short hair curse, Tsubaki is a female character who gives a lot of love to the male lead, but…she never gets anything in return. Of course, Tsubaki was not wrong. She is the perfect other half that many people want, but not the right one for public life.

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5. Onodera Kosaki – Nisekoi

Onodera Kozaki-Second Love

In Nisekoi, waifu Onodera Kosaki has a huge fan base. She has many advantages, such as: she is the hero’s crush, she is the hero’s date, and she has many opportunities to develop relationships with the hero. Basically, Ozaki has all the conditions to catch up with the male lead, but unfortunately she lacks a little initiative, so she lost the opportunity.

6. Yuigahama Yui-Oregalu

Yuigahama Yui - Oregalu

Closing this list would be Yui – Oregiru’s cute, feisty girl. Yui was originally a lively and easy-going person, but he and Yawata started a fairly stable start. Her feelings for Hachiman are also very direct, clear, and full of initiative. Although Yui failed to get Yawata’s love in the end, she also managed to capture the hearts of many audiences around the world.

Above are the TOP 6 beautiful short-haired anime female characters that fans love but mostly regret. Which of these waifus is your favorite girl? Is lag missing any other names? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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