Who is Anna May Wong?First Asian woman to be featured on US coin

Who is Anna May Wong, the first Asian woman to appear on US currency?

Asian actress Anna May Wong will be featured on the U.S. quarter starting next week. This is the first Asian woman to appear on the country’s currency. So who is Anna May Wang?


Anna May Wong (real name Wong Liu Tsong) was born on January 3, 1905 in Chinatown, Los Angeles, California, USA, the daughter of Sam Sam Kee Laundry, a third-generation Chinese family in the United States. She died on February 3, 1961 in Santa Monica, California, USA.


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She began her acting career at the age of 14 with a supporting role in “The Red Lantern” and was officially named the leading actress in the 1922 film “The Charge of the Sea.” More than 60 other Hollywood movies, big and small.

A year before her death, the actress received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Despite her talent and her many later career successes, the actress had not lived a happy and happy life before while she had been facing racism in Hollywood.When she entered the industry, she was often given racist and very low-paid roles, like on the Shanghai Express, where Wong was only paid $6,000 while her white colleague Marlene Dietrich $78,166.

Ana may have won

To escape Hollywood’s racism, the actress decided to move to Europe, where she found more opportunities to act in British, German and French films. Since then, her career has extended beyond film, including being the first Asian-American to host a TV show called “Mrs. Liu Song Gallery.” She has also performed on stage in London and New York with Laurence Olivier.

In a press release about the new quarter, U.S. Mint director Ventris Gibson described Huang: “Anna May Wong is a brave woman who has always championed roles for Asian actors.”