Who is Doctor Fate in Black Adam? How will it affect the DC movie world?

As a character who just appeared in Black Adam with flashy skills and rather confusing abilities, let’s take a look at who Doctor Destiny is, how powerful it is, and how it will affect the DC Cinematic Universe. write this article.

Doctor Fate’s real name is Kent Nelson, a powerful witch/mage and “servant” of the Lord of Order. His spells, robes, and especially his helmet of power are all in the possession of Lord Boo – Lord Naboo has guided and directed his spirit throughout the time he fought in this capacity. He is also the founder of the Justice Society of America.

Who is Doctor Fate in Black Adam? How will it affect the DC 2 Cinematic Universe?

Doctor Fate’s Biography and Origins

In 1920, a young Kent Nelson ventured to a temple in Mesopotamia and stumbled upon a mysterious tomb. This is the tomb of Naboo – the Lord of Order – a god-like entity that existed on Earth thousands of years ago. As the nemesis of chaos, he served as advisor to the ancient pharaohs along with the world’s most powerful and sovereign ships. While exploring the tomb, Kent’s father was unfortunately hit by poison gas in the trap and died on the spot, leaving Kent alone. Upon awakening, Lord Naboo sympathized with Kent, turning himself into a mortal to teach him, and Kent into a mage to teach him his own way.

Who is Doctor Fate in Black Adam? How will it affect the DC 3 Cinematic Universe?

When Kent came of age, Naboo left him a cloak, an amulet of Anubis and the mighty hat of Naboo – a vessel for the power and transformation of fate. From that moment on, Kent began to step into the world of superheroes under the name of Doctor Destiny, guided by the spirit of Naboo in the hat all this time.

Doctor’s Power Fate

  • use magic
  • fly
  • super power
  • Extrasensory abilities
  • ruler of fire and thunder
  • telepathy
  • Create Shield/Magic Shield
  • can fly through many universes
  • Manipulate tangible objects
  • immortal (immortal)
  • Fortune-telling
  • Can use the power of Naboo’s robes, amulets, and hats

PhD.The Fate of Black Adam

In the comics, Naboo Hat could still choose many other worthy people to have the powers of Doctor Destiny, and not just stop at Kent Nelson. So, if something happens to Black Adam’s Doctor Fate, this character can continue to appear in the DC Cinematic Universe, and this powerful magician has nothing to worry about.

Who is Doctor Fate in Black Adam? How will it affect the DC 4 Cinematic Universe?