Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia in the World Cup, Messi cost fans 4 billion dong

Argentina’s defeat in the 2022 World Cup cost a Messi fan 4 billion dong just for participating in the “red and black” game.

in the opening game Argentina exist World Cup 2022many people have paid a lot of faith for their home football team MessiIn terms of majors, this team is also well above rival Saudi Arabia, 48 places.

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confidence in the team Argentina will also become stronger Messi Scored the first goal for his team in the first half, making fans think it was an easy game for Argentina.

However, the result discouraged many people, because Saudi Arabia Worked really hard, equalized and then it was 2-1. After the game, Messi and his teammates couldn’t hide their disappointment at the loss.

This defeat not only made it difficult for Argentina to obtain tickets to the 2022 World Cup knockout rounds, but also made fans with “red and black” blood encounter more “black” and “red”.

Messi costs fans Rp 4 billion after Argentina loses to Saudi Arabia in 2nd World Cup

The most typical is the story of a man who is said to be a “die-hard fan” of Messi because he believed in his idol so much that he bet as much as $160,000 (nearly VND4 billion) on Argentina’s victory. .

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But the result is that everyone knows that this person lost the bet. The figure of 4 billion is not small. Even for Australians, when football is a discipline full of surprises, it is not a big deal to gamble with such a large amount of money. good idea.

Messi costs fans Rp 4 billion after Argentina loses to Saudi Arabia in World Cup 3

The Argentine coach also commented that the team’s defeat was not because of disrespect for the opponent, but because Saudi Arabia was too well prepared, so this is a worthy result.