16-year-old Japanese boy became famous overnight!

Working in a cafe full of “trap”, a 16-year-old Japanese boy suddenly becomes famous for being too good-looking. At first glance, who would have thought it was a boy! Who is he? Let’s find out together.

Recently, an extremely beautiful “girl” appeared on Japanese social networks. This girl has a face very similar to an idol, a slender “Lancet” figure, weighs only 48kg, but is as high as 168cm. She is a hot girl who suits many people’s tastes. However, after a closer look at the information, it was discovered… I am TRAP!

The girl just mentioned is actually a boy named Mayutamu. Mayutamu is currently 16 years old and works as an employee at the maid cafe “NEWTYPE” in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. If you’re wondering why maid cafes hire men, NEWTYPE is actually a shop where all the maids and maids dress up as girls – all TRAP. Although young, Mayutamu is popular with customers – mainly because he looks very feminine and beautiful when transformed into a woman.


boy fake girl

Japanese trap

Japanese teens are known for being pretty

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The image of Mayutamu gradually spread on social networks, making the boy’s fame gradually increased. Recently, his image has spread all over Thailand and other countries, arousing strong attention from all walks of life. Mayutamu now has several thousand followers on her Instagram and Twitter pages, and that number is sure to grow as “she” keeps sharing pictures of herself every day.

beautiful girl

japanese fake girl

japanese beauty

japanese beauty

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japanese fake girl

Japanese trap

Above are some images shared by Mayutamu. Looking at the picture above, do you know that Mayutamu is a man pretending to be a woman? Did you see…beautiful Mayutamu? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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