Spy X Family’s ‘meme queen’ Anya’s emoji collection in episode 15 has fans going crazy

It wasn’t just the episode that welcomed a new member to the Forge family, Episode 15 of Spy X Family also got viewers excited with a series of expressions from Anya. What did Loid and Yor’s child do? let’s see.

Spy X Family Episode 15 Synopsis

In episode 15, the horrors are handled satisfactorily. Loid’s organization excels in dealing with abused dogs. They try to collect Anya’s dog, but she refuses. Thinking that being against children is… unwise, Sylvia allows the Fogg family to keep dogs as pets.

Anya really likes her new dog friend. She went to school to show off to her friends, but it didn’t turn out well. That afternoon, the whole family took the dog to the park to play. Here, Anya has a name for her canine friend: Bond – based on her favorite Bonderman character.

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Anya’s expression drives fans crazy

In Spy X Family Episode 15, Anya shows us her “deep acting” abilities again, showing us a range of different expressions in less than 20 minutes. Her expressions are all so cute and hilarious, so immediately after the show aired, it became the talk of the global audience.

Spy x Family Episode 15

Spy x Family Episode 15

spy x family anya

Anya Bond

Spy x Family Episode 15

Spy x Family Episode 15

Spy x Family Episode 15

spy x home animation

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Anya and Bond are too cute.

Not very touching, but I cried for a while watching this episode. This girl is so cute.

Shameless as a meme queen.

Wit and CloverWorks are so invested in Anya’s expression, just like the real original.

Bond is a new addition this episode, but Anya is the center of attention.

There are many compliments from the production team at Spy X Family. Viewers said they respected the original very much and tried to bring almost all of Anya’s face from the original manga into the anime version, and even make her look more impressive. And you, what do you think of Anya in Spy X Family Episode 15? Is the girl cute? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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