5 Most Beautiful Female Characters in Comics, Anime Spy X Family!

Since its release, the manga and anime Spy X Family has gained traction for its all-male and female characters. In the next article, Lager will give you a glimpse of the 5 most beautiful female characters in this work. start.

Spy X Family is a manga and animation set in a fantasy world where the two countries of the East and the West are in a “cold war” with each other. To make sure the peace isn’t broken, Twilight – a super spy – is ordered to marry within a few days. Despite receiving unreasonable demands, Twilight also manages to start a family under the false identity of Lloyd Fogg, each with an unknown secret. What will the counterfeiters experience together in order to protect the peace? If you want to turn the answer, please see “Spy X Family”

In the following content, Lag will summarize the information of the 5 most beautiful female characters in the Spy X family manga and anime. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Forger

This TOP 5 will open with the beautiful mother Yor, “taking care” of the housework and the murder of the Forger family. After losing his parents at an early age, Joel had to work many jobs – mostly as an assassin – in order to have the money to care for his younger brother Yuri. A life full of killing and killing left Yor with poor communication skills and almost no one friend.

After meeting and marrying Lloyd, Joel’s life gradually changed. She’s been through more and lived a happier life than before. And it’s also strange, Yor is so beautiful, no one offended, right?

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2. Anya Forge

anya forger

The next name will be another character from the Forger family – that is the little girl Anya. Although she is only 5-6 years old, her adorable looks and expressive face make Oscar actors jealous, but Anya has a huge fan base around the world. Everyone believes that with her current beauty, Anya will grow up to be a very attractive young woman – Damian, stop “holding hands” and beware of losing his wife.

3. Sylvia Sherwood

Sylvia Sherwood

Although her appearances are extremely rare, Sylvia Lin is also a female character who has won the hearts of the audience. Sylvia is a WISE member who regularly gives Loid quests. In the arc of fighting the terrorist bombing, Sylvia has the opportunity to air more, and has a very attractive scene.

With her charming looks and sharp, icy eyes, Sylvia is definitely one of the most beautiful characters in “Family X”. Does she have a family? This is a question with many assumptions. According to the development of “Spy X Family”, readers suspect that Sylvia once had a husband and had children, but all died in the war. Many predictions also suggest that she once ate cannibals to survive. What is the truth, let us wait and see the next development of Spy X Family.

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4. Fiona Frost

fiona frost

Fiona Frost or Nightfall is a spy working for WISE. On the outside, Fiona is a strong, ruthless, independent woman, but…and deep down, she loves Loid – very, very much! Although the feelings are very rich, Fiona never dared to confess to the senior, but just looked at him silently.

Maybe Fiona won’t be able to come to Lloyd, and many readers predict that the icy girl will come home with Yuri, Yoo’s older sister. Sounds good right?

5. Melinda Desmond

Melinda Desmond

The surname on this list is Melinda – the wife of the Desmond family, aka Damian’s mother. Appears in only one or two chapters of the story, but Melinda makes a very deep impression on the audience. She is aristocratic, courteous, and intelligent—the essence of a strong first lady. Beauty is also very important to Melinda, so she looks attractive and “superior” compared to others.

Above are the 5 most beautiful female characters in Spy x Family manga and anime. Do you agree with this lag list? In your opinion, who is the most beautiful character in the family of spies? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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