Famed Idolmaster anime composer arrested for sexually abusing women

Sexual abuse still seems to be widespread in Japan. Recently, a famous anime composer was arrested for stalking and soliciting. Details are as follows:

About Hidekazu Tanaka

Hidekazu Tanaka was born on June 4, 1987 in Japan. He is known as a famous composer and choreographer. From 2010 to 2021, Hidekazu Tanaka worked at MONACA. At the end of July, he left the company to become a freelancer.

Hidewa Tanaka mainly works on anime-related works. He has participated in the composition of several animation works, most of which are musical works. Some of Tanaka’s projects include The Idolmaster, The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, High School of the Dead, Hayore Nyaruko-san, Pokemon Journey: The Series,…

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Anime composer arrested for sexual assault

Animation composer arrested

Recently, Japan announced the arrest of Hidekazu Tanaka. The reason given was that the composer sexually assaulted an underage girl.

Specifically, the police said that Hidekazu Tanaka committed the crime in August 2022 at the bicycle parking area of ​​the train station in Tokyo’s Meguro Ward. The station’s surveillance cameras recorded footage of Tanaka following a young girl before engaging in solicitation and manipulation and coercion. victim.

According to NHK, Tanaka was accused of raping the girl using obscene language. After the attack, the victim went to a nearby police station to report the crime. Police immediately launched an investigation and resolved the incident.

Currently, Hidekazu Tanaka has been arrested. Information about Tanaka’s crime and sentence has not been confirmed. Lag will update more new information as soon as possible, and interested friends remember to pay attention.

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