Ranking of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Anime Characters for Fall 2022, Voted by Japanese Fans

Although the autumn animation is not over yet, Japanese fans have released a ranking of the TOP 10 most popular female characters. Who is the best waifu this anime season? let’s see!

cartoon! cartoon! is a website that offers surveys to invite Japanese audiences to vote. In every season, anime! cartoon! Always create TOP favorite character polls, and Fall 2022 is no exception.

In order not to take up too much time, here is a list of the top 10 most popular female anime characters in the fall of 2022. The results will definitely surprise you.

1. Makima – Chainsaw Man

This season TOP 1 is not surprising when Makima is the champion. With extreme “psychological manipulation” abilities, every time Makima sees her photos on social networks, she can turn every viewer who likes her into a dog, barking “bark bark”.

Why do fans of the anime and manga of Chainsaw scream when they see Makima?

2. Power – Chainsaw Man

Power - Chainsaw Man

Coming in second in this TOP 10 is the crazy “President” of Power – Saw Man manga and animation. While not the best waifu type, her humor and fun is sure to keep you entertained all day!

3. Anya – Spy on Family X

Anya - Spy X Family

Despite being much younger than the other competitors, Anya is still attractive enough to be a female character with a large Japanese audience. Coming to Part 2, Anya has more opportunities to show her charm. If things go on like this, maybe she will still be very popular in the second season of Agent X.

4. Yor – Spy on Family X

Yule - Spy X Family

This season can be regarded as the dominance of the Agent X family and the chainsaw man. The two most important characters in each movie divide the TOP4. Mother Yor in the second part also has more acting room than the last one, so there is still a chance. Meeting “Xiao Tan” should become more and more attractive.

5. Lum – Little Night Star

Lum - little night star

The name Rum may be unfamiliar to young people, but it is an extremely familiar character to those who have read manga for a long time, especially fans of Rumiko Takahashi. Lum might also be the sexiest character on this list, since she’s mostly aired in two parts.

6. Hitori – Bocchi The Rock

A Bird - Bocchi The Rock

Shy, timid, and unsociable, these are the three words that best describe Hitori, and they are also the funniest thing about her. Hitori’s inclusion on the list is also surprising, but it fully deserves her special charm.

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7. Suletta – Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury

Suletta - Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury

The heroine Suletta was attracted as soon as her image was released, and successfully conquered the audience with her cute appearance, lovely character and unexpected truth. According to the storyline, there are many secrets surrounding this girl. See if the director is “crazy”.

8. Ryou – Bocchi The Rock

Ryou - Bocchi The Rock

The eighth place belongs to another character from Bocchi The Rock, the blue-haired girl Ryou. It seems that this kind of calm and slightly ruthless personality is quite popular among Japanese audiences.

9. Miruko – My Hero Academia

Miruko - My Hero Academia

Although there are many running dogs in love anime this season, Miruko, the heroine of Superhero Academy, still has a TOP 10 position. Miruko is only a supporting role and rarely appears in comics. However, the thoughtfulness of her characterization and the energy she brings captivates audiences all over the world.

10. Liu Shouxue- Kookyuu No Karasu

Liu Shouxue- Kukyuu No Karasu

At number 10 is Shouux of Kookyuu No Karasu. As the heroine of a very “Chinese archery” story, Shou Xue often has very cute, bold “Japanese rom-com” expressions. Her 10/10 figure is also one of the good factors that make fans fall in love.

These are the 10 most popular female characters in fall 2022 anime, as voted by Japanese audiences. Do you agree with this result? Who’s the best grandma for you this season? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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