Spoilers for Kingdom 736: The Faithful Cavalry – Beachy rushes to death…

Spoiler Kingdom Chapter 736, Chapter 735 Summary: Fast and agile, the cavalry successfully brought the troops to Ngee Ann Fortress. In another development, Bich attacked the castle of Xich Le!

Kingdom 735 Summary

Chapter 735 explains more about the “anger” that is always burning in Hoan Ki’s heart. Again, in the past, the race of centaurs became increasingly brutal, led by cavalry. The cavalry led the people to pay off those who had been oppressing the tribe. Despite a lot of explanation, Ma’s behavior is actually because he hates the world.

Back in the present, Hoan Ki has reached the fortress. The story of the past stops and continues the fight.

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Spoiler Kingdom 736

Kingdom 736

Chapter 736, Ky leads the officials into the city. Before that, he had his troops leave fake footprints to distract the pursuers, so he was temporarily safe. Zhao later learned that Ngee Ann Castle had collapsed. Li Mu tried his best to stay calm and think about the next step. With the current development, it is almost certain that the cavalry will enter the castle.

The cavalry teamed up with Pi Tianquan. A meeting was held immediately. A plan was drawn up to use the remaining troops of Ngee Ann Castle as hostages. Of course, this will be a last resort. The key now is joy. If the cavalry can take that place, Ngee Ann Castle will have more time to strengthen its defenses.

On one page of the story, we see Bich attacking the castle of Xich Le the night before. The troops were quite large, but morale was a bit “poor”. Beach encouraged our troops to keep going to capture the castle. Everything went well…but the author’s postscript is that the entire Red Army was wiped out.

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Kingdom 736 release date

The King of Heaven Chapter 736 is scheduled to be released 27th October 2022. Spoilers will be updated right away in this post by Lag.vn, so bookmark it now if you don’t want to miss it!

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