Too many failures, Netflix stopped making anime adaptations of Japanese manga? !

After several years of continuous promotion of anime projects based on Japanese manga, Netflix is ​​currently delaying or even planning to stop doing animation! Netflix’s “failure” is causing trouble for the Japanese anime industry.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is ​​an online movie service that allows subscribers to watch movies, movies and TV shows. With a diverse portfolio and thanks to a constant stream of new titles, Netflix is ​​currently one of the most trusted online movie viewing platforms in the world.

Netflix has invested heavily in Japanese anime adaptations in recent years, aiming to target customers who love this type of entertainment. To make them, Netflix partnered with a number of Japanese studios competing to make movies. As a result, recently, a series of popular animations have been broadcast on the platform, such as “Ragnarok”, “Little Taro Living Alone”, “Ultraman” and so on.

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Netflix will stop making animation projects based on manga!

Netflix stops making anime

It’s a big investment, but the anime section doesn’t really seem to be bearing fruit for Netflix. In addition, Netflix’s business in 2022 is quite bad due to the impact of the market economy and the rise of other competitors.

Specifically, in the first two quarters of 2022, Netflix lost millions of registered subscribers to the service. Despite good growth in the Asia-Pacific market, it still can’t make up for Netflix’s losses in North America, EMEA.

According to the Japanese newspaper Toyo Keizai Online, the decline in the number of registered users will greatly affect Netflix’s operations and may cause rifts in Netflix’s cooperation with Japanese studios in the future.

There are reports that the number of anime projects approved for airing is drastically decreasing, and that some upcoming projects have also been abruptly stopped. For Netflix viewers, it’s easy to realize this: Netflix has released far fewer anime in recent months than in 2021.

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Netflix Anime

Before the above information was released, viewers made a lot of predictions about Netflix’s activities. Many people think that Netflix is ​​not investing well in production, so the quality of the platform’s films is low, and it is difficult to compete with it. The direction of Netflix’s investment in animation can indeed attract many people, but if the investment is improper, you can only get general animation, so don’t do it!

Netflix’s live-action animations fail more often than hit animations. Instead of throwing money out the window, you should focus on doing original series.

Sounds stressful, but I’m glad Netflix doesn’t animate anymore.

If you can’t get on Netflix, there are plenty of other routes for Japanese anime, so why worry.

There are actually a lot of good Netflix anime out there. Generally speaking, if you invest properly, you will have a good movie.

No official information on whether Netflix will continue to pursue new anime titles has yet been confirmed. The level of detail of the plan will probably have to wait until Netflix’s operations return to stability.

Although Netflix has not announced too many new animation projects recently, Netflix still “owes” to the audience, such as Ultraman live-action version, Gundam live-action version, Ito Junji Lunatic, Moonrise, etc. Effective development direction in the future, creating works worthy of the audience’s expectations.

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