Top 5 Anime Characters Who Definitely Failed the No Nut November Challenge

One of the most high profile challenges of the year – NNN (No Nut November) will mark the defeat of these characters.

Whatever the reason, every November, the online community takes part in the challenge itself no nuts in november To “purify the soul”.

It sounds silly, but this challenge has a massive online following, and it even has a dedicated community of over 134k people on Reddit. This challenge requires players to “fast” throughout November, not even watching ecchi 16+ publications, not just 18+ anymore. With that in mind, here are some anime characters who are sure to fail this challenge based on their personalities.

1. Denji (Chainsaw Man)

A simple man with few dreams in life. So, it’s no wonder this guy will be the first to fail the challenge, because his dream is just… to touch Makima’s tits.
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2. Jiraiya (Naruto)

Top 5 Anime Characters NNN 2

This character is the definition of perversion in the Naruto series. “Broken Holy” is the most accurate description of this character. Even when he was teaching Naruto Spiral Maru, his eyes were still fixed on the women’s bath or the erotic place. Therefore, it is not difficult for Jirai to pass the NNN challenge.
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3. Dragon Ball (Dragon Ball)

Top 5 Anime Characters NNN 3

Similar to Jiraya, Rogue refuses to teach Goku Kamehameha moves until Goku brings a “smoking hottie”. Remember, Goku is only 11 years old now. While Gui Lao has been socially proven to have enormous power, he’s also a danger to the female characters of the universe, so there’s nothing wrong with him living on an island.

4. Konosuba

Top 5 Anime Characters NNN 4

As far as main characters in the otherworldly genre go, Konosuba’s Kazuma Sato definitely deserves a spot on this list. After reincarnation, he has the ability to steal items from other adventurers. Instead of using it for daring quests, he chooses to use the skill “when he feels the need” to steal girls’ panties. Fortunately, his life is still there.
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5. Paul Greyrat (Mushoku Tensei: Unemployment Reincarnation)

Top 5 Anime Characters NNN 5

Rudeus’ father is definitely one of the most beloved characters in the series. Even the people in Rudius’ village knew when the couple would talk again, which showed the extent of the knight NNN’s failure. Fortunately, he almost divorced his wife. Knowing that the maid is pregnant and that her father is her husband, Chenice is furious, and everything seems to come to an end. But in the end, at least it all fell into place.