What is black tea?Why is Facebook so hot

Che Here Co Huong is the most searched phrase on Facebook in recent days. Do you know why Co Huong Tea is so popular online?

What is black tea?

Che is a Facebook clone on the internet that is famous when it regularly updates and shares short stories about the user’s life, movies or idol swings. The account was then updated with an article sharing a story of a co-worker’s child who frequently visited her office, so she instinctively used her clone account to say her name was Huong to the co-worker’s child, and made a really bad out of it s story.

The story is as follows:

From time to time, the children of colleagues run into their rooms to play. I hate children and like to sit alone, so 100% of my colleagues don’t know that he often comes to my room to sit. Everyone thought I would have nothing to do with him.

Today the boy ran into his room to play and asked: Auntie, what’s your name?

The instinct to use clones arises, and I answer with a pseudonym: her name is Huong.

After the boy ran into the yard, the mother began to notice that the son had been running outside, where he was playing alone, so he asked: Where did you come back from?

Boy: I’m going out with Miss Huang.

Now the whole establishment is scared because there is no one named Huong here =)))))))))))).

This story made the whole Facebook community cry with laughter, because the company did not have a person named Huong, and the children of colleagues also drew the image of Ms. Huong, which made the whole company afraid of ghosts, and the whole company automatically went home early from there, no Work overtime as usual.

After that, the keywords of Che This Co Huong quickly went viral on Facebook, and Che This’s post was shared on many other famous fan pages.

What is black tea? Why is Facebook 2 so popular?

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