Spoiler My Hero Academia 366: Mirio Transformation of Starlord – Deku lands in Shigaraki’s face!

Spoiler My Hero Academia 366, chapter 365 summary: With Mirio’s intelligence, Deku had enough time to be there in time! A direct landing in Shigaraki’s face!

Summary of My Hero Academia 365

The main content of chapter 365 is Edgeshot’s process of saving Bakugo’s life. meanwhile, the heroes put all their strength to hold back Shigaraki. Seeing everyone trying for a “broken toy”, Shigaraki got mad. He had been in the same situation before, but why didn’t anyone help?

At the end of the series, “something” changes in Shigaraki’s body…

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Spoiler My Hero Academia 365: Bakugo revived!

Spoiler My Hero Academia 366

my hero academia 366

Title My Hero Academia 366: Peaches.

At the beginning of the chapter are a few lines explaining Shigaraki’s body. They were always looking for the “ideal form”, so the influence of the heroes changed it. The dead family members turned into Shigaraki’s fist and he used it to whip Miruko.

In an instant, Shigaraki attacked Mirio. Mirio dodged but Nejire didn’t. Shigaraki then says that Mirio isn’t a threat so there’s nothing to worry about.

Shigaraki walked towards Jeanist. The hero tries to create a trap to stop him but is destroyed instantly. Things were going terribly wrong when a glimmer of hope flashed. Mandalay secretly transmits the message, asking the heroes to open the barrier and hold Shigaraki for 2 seconds.

Mirio’s brain started bouncing numbers. A lot of plans were made, but they all seemed to be useless. Mirio suddenly remembered Sir Nighteye’s words and did something… quite unexpected – showing off her butt on the ground with a joke. Shigaraki froze and laughed. ENOUGH 2 SECONDS!

From the sky, Deku appeared with a booster from Star And Stripe’s friend. He immediately punched Shigaraki in the face and oh my god this page is on fire!!! Chapter ends here!

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My Hero release time Academia 366

My Hero Academia chapter 366 is scheduled to be released September 19, 2022. Spoiler information will be updated by Lag.vn as soon as possible IN THIS POST.

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