Discover the 3 most powerful eyes in the anime world

Eyes have a special power that not only makes their owners cool, but also gives them a cool look.

in set anime boy There’s no shortage of characters with impressive powers, whether it’s physical strength, special weapons, or power from a certain part of the body. The most striking of these are characters who can use the power of their own eyes.

Characters who have power through their eyes are often cared for in terms of eye shape to impress the audience. So where are the most powerful eyes in the anime series? Let’s take a look at

Shaker – Naruto

writing wheel eye Is the featured eye of one of the most powerful clans KonohaUchiha. Shaker is also the most powerful weapon of this family, it is not easy for a family member to awaken it.

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kaleidoscope (Kaleidoscope writing wheel) is what any Uchiha clan would like to achieve, because everyone has a different Shaker, and their power will manifest in a different way than everyone else.Overall, though, this is still one of the strongest eyes in the world Japanese animation ever produced.

Emperor’s Eye – Kuroko’s Basketball

Discover the 3 most powerful eyes in the anime world

The Emperor’s Eye is not a destructive eye like many other juvenile series, but it is extremely powerful for basketball, its owner is Akashi Seijuro. king’s eyes It can help the master read the opponent’s movements and weaknesses, and let Akashi Seijuro get the most accurate movements.

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Cursed Eye – D.Gray-man

Discover the 3 most powerful eyes in the anime world

The Eye of the Cursed was given back to him by his father Alan Walker, which allowed Walker to see the seal demon hidden in the human form and inner essence, in a time when human demons were dominant. Thanks to the power of both hands, plus the eye of the curse, no demons are not afraid to see Walker.