One Piece 1066 Spoiler Prediction: Vegapunk Explains Seraph and the Ancient Kingdom

One Piece 1066 Spoiler Prediction, Chapter 1065 Summary: In the next chapters, Vega Punk will uncover the truth about the World Government, the Old Kingdom, the Seraphim, and more. Luffy may very well be the first person to meet a real Vegapunk!

One Piece 1065 Summary

At the beginning of One Piece 1065, Zorro and Brook stated that they chose to stay on the ship in order to rescue others in case of an accident. The reindeer complained about why the Straw Hats chose to stay on Government Island, and he didn’t want it at all.

Sanji and his party, at Lilith’s order, passed through a special door. As soon as they entered the door, they encountered Seraphim Jinbe. While guessing who the young man was, Seraphim grabbed the beam attack. It then dives to the ground (similar to Mr. Pink’s ability). Seraphim strangled Nami to death. Sanji is so angry that he shoots the robot. The crew took turns attacking, but because the magician could dive, he avoided them all. In another room, Edison and Lilith observed everything together. Looks like this is a little test for them.

After a while, Shaka appeared and ordered Seraphim to stop. After a while, Shaka reveals that the island is “from the past.” In another development, Luffy’s team discovered an ancient but modern technological machine. According to Shaka, 900 years ago, there was an island with technology far beyond the eggheads of today.

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One Piece 1066 Spoiler Prediction

One piece 1066

According to many predictions, the islands to which the Vegapunks are referring are ancient kingdoms. According to the information they revealed, 900 years ago, humanity had already made huge technological advances that not even a genius like Vegapunk could have created today. This leads to the hypothesis that the world government, in order to achieve absolute control, destroys all technology and prohibits learning about the Void Age, thus making the knowledge of that era gone forever.

This leads to another possibility that the ancient weapons are not ancient things, but modern modern machines. It’s really not certain, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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So far, the Vegapunks are “not fighting, but telling” a lot – even though they say they don’t believe in pirates. At this rate, over the next 1-5 chapters, the Vegapunks will tell us many important details about the world government, about the current Vegapunk work, about the seraphs, and even the truth about the ancient kingdom.

Luffy’s discovery of the machine tells us that Vega Punk has restored the technological equipment of 900 years ago. Vegapunk might be the one to analyze and study these technologies. If this prediction is correct, Luffy will likely be the first to meet the scientist.

The chapters that follow are very informative and will likely be interrupted by CP0’s attack. It’s possible that the Straw Hats will protect the Vegapunks – but it’s unclear what would cause that, as nothing has prompted them to cooperate yet.

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One piece of spoiler 1066

One Piece 1066 spoilers will be updated as soon as possible, scheduled for November 9.

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