One Piece Movie Red: Explaining Song’s Devil Fruit Power – Red Haired Shanks’ Daughter

As the protagonist of the anime movie “One Piece Red”, the daughter song of the red-haired Shanks has an extremely “scary” devil fruit, which even the marines are afraid of. What is the devil fruit ability? Let’s find out the delay in the article below.

about song

Uta is the protagonist of the new animated movie “One Piece Red” which will be released in 2022. According to the plot, she is the daughter of the red-haired Shanks (not her biological child). When I was a child, I was brought by Shanks’ crew, and I had the opportunity to meet Luffy in Fosha Village. Later, due to an accident, Shanks abandoned her on an isolated island.

Song hopes to have love, dreams of eliminating the pain of all people, and strives to become an idol. She also possesses the extremely dangerous Devil Fruit.

Fact: Originally, Uta’s goal was to be a book-loving girl with book-related abilities. Later, the crew decided to make her a singer. After trying many different styles, the team decided to let her be the idol.

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The origin and power of Song Devil Fruit!

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Uta’s devil fruit belongs to the paramecia system and is known as Uta Uta No Mi (singing – singing fruit). In the One Piece movie Red, it is not revealed why she got the Devil Fruit.

Uta Uta No Mi’s main abilities are as follows: Through her voice, Uta can bring the consciousness of the “viewer” into a virtual world called “Uta World”. In this world, songs can do whatever they want, and hardly anyone can get out. Their bodies in the real world are not controlled by anyone, so they will remain motionless.

While it offers quite a lot of power, it also has some weaknesses.

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First, Uta World can only be maintained while the Devil Fruit user is awake. If the song faints or falls asleep, everyone’s consciousness will return to the real body.

Second, Uta World consumes a lot of energy. In the movie, it can be seen that Song quickly became exhausted and had to take medicine to stay awake.

Third, once this ability is revealed, it is almost completely countered. The target only needs to cover its ears and not listen to the singing, and it is already safe.

Fourth, if the song is dead, people trapped in the song world will be imprisoned forever, unable to return to the original body.

How to Get Rid of Uta’s Devil Fruit Powers

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There are several ways to escape Uta World. The easiest way is for Uta to actively disengage or fall asleep. The second way is to “beat” the song in the real world at the same time as the One Piece movie red.

Another rather extreme method is to “shock the enemy’s body” – slitting Song’s throat or preventing her from singing. This method is very effective, but affects Uta greatly.

The above is the detailed information on the origin and ability of Song’s Devil Fruit. how do you feel? Is this a powerful devil fruit? Leave a comment so we can chat.

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