Spoilers for Saw 112, Chapter 111 Explained: The Saw Imposter Appears!

Spoiler Chainsaw Man 112 Chapter 111 Introduction: After saying goodbye to Asa, Yuko was suddenly killed by a man who looked like Chainsaw Man. However, this could be a pseudonym and will be the next villain in the comics!

Chainsaw Summary 111

Episode 111, titled “Ahahahaha”, begins with Asa’s question:

You want to eat me?

Yuko admits she’s a bit like that, but she’s here mainly to say goodbye to Asa. She plans to find an acquaintance who is a demon hunter and try to turn back into a human. It’s a little risky, but it’s what Yuko can do now.

Yuko said that she wanted to become a demon because… she wanted to be like Saw, to be loved by everyone, and then she would have friends. Yuko was about to leave. Asa took her shoes and gave them to her best friend.

The night passed. Everyone slept soundly… except Yuko. Was she killed by the chainsaw man?

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Chainsaw 112 spoiler trailer

Chainsaw 111

We don’t actually see Saw kill Yuko, just a shadow. On the previous page, Denji was sleeping soundly with Nayuta. With his personality, it is a bit ridiculous to “hunt demons” at night when no one is watching. The most logical theory is that it wasn’t Chainsaw who killed Yuko. It must be some other demon.

It sounds a little crazy, but there’s a theory that because people came to fear and worship Chainsaw Man, a demon in Chainsaw Man form was born. To finish what Tanaji had left unfinished, he killed Yuko. There are also theories that the Shadow belongs to a demon that can duplicate another demon’s form and power. Anyway, I think I’ll have to wait a few more chapters.

Yuko is dead, does Asa know? It’s hard to say. Maybe Yoru (somehow) sensed it and reported it to Asa. Thinking that it was the actions of Chainsaw Man, maybe Asa would go to the “fanatic fan” Dian Er to inquire about the news.

Chapter 110 is a very touching chapter. Although we all know that Yuko will die sooner or later, but… this is so heartbreaking. The final chapter also marks the end of Yuko’s story. For CSM 111, the new arc will begin with more unpredictable events. The resurrected girl Yuko may appear again.

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Spoiler Chainsaw Man 112

Chainsaw 112 spoilers will be updated as soon as possible.

Chainsaw Man 112 release time

Chainsaw Chapter 112 is scheduled to be released on MangaPlus at 10:00 pm on November 22, 2022. The trailer and spoilers will be announced soon. lag Update as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

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