Tokyo Revergers 277 Spoiler Prediction: Future Changes – Everyone’s Resurrected!

Tokyo Avengers 277 Spoiler Prediction, Chapter 276 Summary: The future will get better with Mickey and Budo. In that place, Emma, ​​Baji, Draken, Izana, Shinichiro… will all be alive!

Tokyo Revergers 276 Overview

After Budo’s death, Mickey got rid of his “dark instincts”. He felt great pain and kept praying that Bamboo Road could be brought back to life. One of Mickey’s tears fell into Martial Arts’ hands…and then the male lead found himself waking up in the past of 1998. Martial arts is sure that he is dead, but why wake up in the past?

To find out what happened, Budo ran to Mickey’s house. He met Baji, Sanzu, and Shinichiro, but no one recognized the male lead. Mickey then appears and is surprised to see Budo.

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Tokyo Revergers 277 Spoiler Predictions

Tokyo Returners 277

Judging from the performance of Martial Arts, he does not seem to be a time traveler. Takemichi may be wrong, but some theories suggest Mikey is the traveler and Takemichi is the “trigger point”. It was Budo’s desire to wake up that caused power to pass from Mickey to Budo.

There are 2 chapters left until the end of TR, so all questions from the audience must be answered in chapter 277. According to Rag’s prediction, Budo and Mickey will talk to each other. Perhaps thanks to the ability to travel through time and space, the “dark instinct” disappeared. However, we can’t say for sure if Mikey will ever be able to go back to the future.

Officially, Budo has yet to beat Mickey. Maybe in the next chapter, the two of you will fight again?

There are two possible outcomes for the end of Tokyo Revergers. The first possibility is that Mickey can no longer travel through time and space, so Zhudao has been living alone since 1998. The second possibility is that because of the loss of “dark instinct”, Mickey went back to the future and attended Zhudao’s wedding – everyone else will have a bright future. No matter what happens, Draken, Emma, ​​Baji, Izana and those who died will surely come back to life.

Spoilers for Tokyo Avengers 277

Tokyo Avengers 277 spoilers will be updated as soon as possible, scheduled for November 6th.

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Tokyo Revergers Post time 277

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