The psychiatrist advises not to watch the anime Evangelion when you are sad!

According to the analysis of psychiatrists, although the Evangelion anime is good, it has a bad influence on those who are depressed or mentally unstable. See this article for details.

What is Evangelion?

Evangelion is a well-known Japanese anime released in 1995. The anime is produced by Gainax and Tatsunoko Production and directed by Anno Hideaki. After the film was broadcast, it received great support from the audience and was adapted into several different versions.

Evangelion is by far one of the best cartoons of all time and has been a strong influence on many subsequent generations of films.Evangelion This is a work that everyone who loves animation should watch at least once in their life. But in some special cases, doctors do not recommend watching movies.

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Psychiatrist advises against watching Evangelion when you’re sad


Recently, a twitter user named @annaancoco shared an extremely interesting story that got a lot of attention from the anime fan community. It’s not like @annaancoco just needs to go to a mental hospital and get checked out. When he went to the doctor, the man was wearing a T-shirt with the image of Evangelion Kaoru Nagisaki on it. During the examination, his doctor asked:

Do you like Evangelion? Do you like Kaoru Nagisaki?

@annaancoco said he loves it, and he loves the character of Shinji too. At this time, the doctor immediately recommends:

Don’t watch Evangelion if you’re bored, don’t watch Kaoru-kun.

At the end of the post, @annaancoco joked that if you’re sad and still want to watch Evangelion, watch the Shinkalion episode since it doesn’t have the character Kaworu.

Japanese anime New Genesis Evangelion

@annaancoco’s share was supported by many viewers. A lot of people thought the doctor was right because Evangelion, while good, was still too dark and heavy.

If you watch it, you should always watch the reconstruction part, you will get more treatment.

Watching sad times can easily lead to depression.

Watch repressed etc, but if you think about it soberly, it’s very human.

No matter what the doctor says, just see if you are passionate about it :))

Evangelion is a good movie in the eyes of experts and general audiences alike, but it’s rather finicky to watch. The reason is because this movie deals with a lot of autism and many other psychological issues. Director Anno Hideaki himself also shared that he put a lot of “thoughts” into this work, so this film will be quite heavy for young people.

What about you, what do you think, is it reasonable for psychologists not to watch Evangelion when they are sad? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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