Russian streamer ‘stupid’ livestreams 24/7 on gas stove to trolling European ‘brothers’

Russian streamer “idiot” let his European “brother” look after gas stove for 3 days.

Just sleeping and streaming to make money is an old scene, recently a “stupid” Russian streamer was streaming on Twitch with a gas stove all day long, trolling other Western countries in the context of the gas market.

The runner comes up “Love from Russia”Account content Gazprom 1 It’s so simple, anyone can do it. Always 24/7 when shooting your phone near a gas stove. Nearby is an electronic thermometer that shows viewers the “warmth” radiating into the room, and a clock next to it confirms that the video is live and not repeated.

Russian guy “stupid” Gazprom 1 Said that even if he burns the gas for a whole month, he only has to pay a bill of $1.44/month. Meanwhile, the price of fuel and electricity in European countries has doubled to at least 50 euros per month.

account Gazprom 1 Just created on November 9, 2022. But it was broadcast live for the first time on September 17, and after 77 hours of continuous burning, the account quickly became popular. After three consecutive days of live streaming, the content hit a record of 1,896 viewers and more than 3,000 fans, drawing mixed reactions from the public. However, on the morning of September 21st, the channel russiangas1 received a Twitch ban and became inaccessible.

Maybe Twitch thinks the content will start a “war” and thinks the channel Gazprom 1 The aim is to be provocative and show how cheap gas is in Russia while most Europeans are trying to figure out how to keep warm this winter.