2022 latest Giftcode Journey to the West how to enter synthesis instructions

Find a way to enter all the novice gift packs of Journey to the West, get them immediately, and prepare for your journey to the top today.

How to enter Journey to the West Giftcode Horse

step 1: Log in to the game Journey to the West Horse

Step 2: Click on the character avatar

Step 3: At the bottom of the menu, select Giftcode

Step 4: Enter the code in the “Enter special redemption code” section and press OK

Journey to the West 2022 The latest Giftcode enters the synthesis instructions 2

Novice Westward Journey synthesis gift package code

Full service package code


  • Tedu

  • huckback


  • Ang Gokorn

2022 Journey to the West latest Giftcode how to enter synthesis instructions 3

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