The author Oda said that the anime movie One Piece Movie Red was supposed to be a movie about Enel!

Before coming up with the idea of ​​the song, Mr. Oda and the production team planned to make Enel and even Bonklay the protagonist of the One Piece movie! In this article, let’s take a look at what almost became the mainstay of the highest-grossing anime movie of all time.

What is Monolithic Film Red?

One Piece Movie Red is the 15th film in the One Piece movie series. The film is a non-canon side story that revolves around Uta, a passionate idol who calls herself “the daughter of the red-haired Shanks.” To serve his fans, Uta put on a big live show on the island of Elegia. The Straw Hats also participated in the live broadcast and accidentally got involved in the “crazy” plot of the song.

On August 6, 2022, “One Piece” premiered in Japan, setting off a wave in the country. Only a few weeks after its release, the film beat Jujutsu Kaisen 0 as one of the 10 highest-grossing Japanese animated films of all time. After the Land of the Rising Sun, other markets also released One Piece Movie Red in turn. On November 25, 2022, “One Piece” officially premiered in Vietnam.

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Oda Reveals Crazy Idea That Almost Made a Movie Red Content

Author Eiichiro Oda and the One Piece writing team recently shared with audiences their thoughts on the process of constructing the content for the film’s title. Some ideas are interesting – others sound a bit “weird”. Here, you and Lag are invited to see what almost became the idea of ​​One Piece content.

One Piece Movie Red Content

One Piece Film Red was slated to be the return of Enel. However, the idea was rejected by most of the people at the meeting, so it was dropped.

There was an idea to make One Piece Film Red into a jailbreak movie to rescue Bon Clay. The story will start with Impel Down, the guy who was caught making way for Luffy. Uta should go to the prison to comfort the prisoners. Uta then manipulates prisoners to rule the world. The idea was a bit “dak” so it was dropped – however, Uta’s selfishness and possessiveness were preserved to build the final scene.

Another bold idea is that the Straw Hats will travel back in time to meet the young Shanks. The idea is unique, but also fraught with risk. The members of the meeting argued quite vigorously and were eventually dismissed.

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Anime One Piece Movie Red

One Piece almost became the story of an academy training devil fruit users. Among these people, there is a person with the ability to travel in time. Then he took Luffy to meet the previous owner of Ren Yizhimei, the model: Nika. This idea is too closely related to the ending of the original manga to be abandoned.

The author Oda once wanted One Piece to have the appearance of Doflamingo and a crocodile. However, the One Piece creator’s request was rejected by the writers because the film should have focused on the song and Shanks rather than adding too many character lines.

According to one opinion, Uta will have the Devil Fruit associated with the book, and she will trap everyone in the world inside the page. This ability coincides with the Devil Fruit possessed by Mont-d’Or, so it was modified to be a music-related ability.

Uta’s character design was originally inspired by an opera singer, and Elegia will be the stage for a chamber orchestra. There are a few ideas to cast her as a country singer with a guitar. After discussing with everyone for a while, everyone agreed that idol singers are currently the most popular, so songs that have an image in the movie are songs.

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One Piece Film Red

There’s a rather odd idea that Luffy, Bartolomeo, and Law will fight together…humanoid spaceships. The idea was too simple and unappealing, so it was rejected. However, Oda-sensei seems to like it, and suggests creating a creature like the straw hat Qianyang.

After hours of discussion, Oda-sensei and the One Piece writing team came to the final idea that the film would be a story about Song and his ambition to bring everyone a “virtual” happy life. her. The screenwriter shared that Mr. Oda is very confident in the One Piece world he created, even if the plot brings the Straw Hats into the universe, there is no problem.

Hmm… a straw hat in space? Sounds interesting, right? Will it be the stuff of the 16th One Piece movie, or will the rejected ideas above be reused to create an engaging scene? How do you personally feel about the idea of ​​almost becoming One Piece content? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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