Top manga works that have not ended even though fans are all grown up (P.1)

I don’t know how many fans cried out when their favorite manga works until now still have no final volume.

Detective Conan

Although it has released more than 100 volumes of stories, there is still no sign of stopping its plot after nearly 30 years. Even though he has been through many big and small cases, Conan is still a 1st grader, and Ran Mori still hasn’t graduated from caaso 3 while I don’t know how many Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve passed, as well as is that most of Conan’s favorite audiences are older.

Of course, for many fans, Conan’s cases are still very interesting and fascinating, but what fans want most is that Detective Conan can be finished before they no longer have a chance. read it again.

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In a most recent interview, the author Aoyama shared that he wanted the final volume of the series to be published as soon as he died, like a detective book by someone he has always admired. This share quickly made Conan fans panic because they feared that they could not wait for that day.

Egyptian queen

This is a work that has a life of more than 45 years and this is long enough for fans of the series to settle down, have children, but still do not know what the end of the story will be. any. Even the length of the story makes many people no longer interested in knowing who the heroine Carol will go to or what to do, where.

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Top manga works that have not ended even though fans are all grown up (P.1)

Even because of the long wait, some fans have created an ending to satisfy themselves, not expecting anything from the final episode. However, the reason why the Queen of Egypt has not been able to come to an end is because the current author is 82 years old, her health is not as good as before, so her creativity is also gradually reduced. Because of this, the final chapters of the Manga are always delayed.

Glass mask

Similar to Queen of Egypt, Glass Mask is also one of the works with the most fans in middle age. First appearing in 1976, this series has made many people fascinated, always looking forward to and watching the emotional world of theater of a girl named Maya.

Top manga works that have not ended even though fans are all grown up (P.1)

Thanks to Glass Mask, fans all over the world can know famous theatrical works of Japan and the world. But since its release, 46 years have passed, but this work has not shown any signs of ending. There were even many older fans who posted wanting the author to release the last episode so they didn’t have to look forward to it too much, but what the author replied was that the ending was still not satisfactory for her.