Spoilers for My Hero Academia 374 Twice Alive – Dabi attacks Endeavor!

Spoiler My Hero Academia 374 Chapter 373 Introduction: With the help of Hei Tong, Darby and II were teleported to a place where everything is possible! An already difficult situation, now even more difficult for the heroes!

My Hero Academia 373 Summary

In Chapter 373, Spina is exhausted and his body gradually shrinks. However, he still used his last strength and came to Heitong’s side. The Present Mic was also there, calling out the names of Kurogiri and Spinner at the same time. The man in the black mist woke up. The faction he chose…is the villain!

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Spoiler for My Hero Academia 373: Hei Tong starts the war and the heroes are in trouble!

Spoilers for My Hero Academia 374

my hero academia 374

Title MHA 374: The Butterfly Effect.

The opening chapter is Hei Tong’s evil face and Present Mic’s helplessness. The defeat of the brave does not stop at Hei Tong. On Songtao’s side, Dabi’s power is becoming more and more difficult to control. Shoto really wants to stop his brother, but he doesn’t seem to know how.

In one scene, A is told that the AFO has placed a tiny device in Nana’s hand so that when Heitou wakes up he will know what to do. Guess? Kurogiri sends two clones of Dabi and Twice to the AFO!

On the Chuku side, despite having the upper hand in the previous chapters, Chuku has never won. Shigaraki’s body suddenly swelled up, as if it was going to explode. In the distance, Mirio and Genister are protecting Bakugou’s body.

On the last page of the story, Hawkes exclaims:

We must kill him now!

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my hero release date Academia 374

My Hero Academia Chapter 374 scheduled for release November 28, 2022. Lag.vn will update this post with spoiler information as soon as possible.

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