Spoiler Kingdom 739: Hoan Ky Plays Ly Muc With Garden Raiders No Empty House

Spoiler for Kingdom Chapter 739, Chapter 738 Summary: Hoan Ky uses homeless tactics and beats Ly Muc up. The “chase” between the two factions begins!

Kingdom 738 Summary

In Chapter 738, Qin Jun in Ngee Ann City saw Zhao Jun approaching. Both the capital and the government are very nervous, because they may have fallen into Li Mu’s trap. The support operation will be given immediately, but whether the Qin army can survive or not depends on the command of the general.

On the other hand, Vuong Tien also vaguely guessed Ly Mu’s whereabouts. In the final pages of the story, Mu and his army march in front of Ngee Ann Castle.

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Spoiler Kingdom 738: Ly Mu Attacks Nghi An Castle – Vuong Tien Helps Fight?

Spoiler Kingdom 739

Kingdom 739

With so many people, Zhao had no room for hesitation. The army attacked the fortress…and suddenly found that there were no enemies here (except for some guys who stayed to deceive Treyer).

There is a brief flashback in this week’s chapter. More details will be updated in a few hours.

Li Mu walked in and saw a string of meat skewers full of corpses. One of them has a gory message whose thrust threatens to repeat the Piha tragedy. Li Mu remained calm and continued to send troops to pursue the return base.

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Kingdom 739 release date

The King of Heaven Chapter 739 is scheduled to be released seventeenth day November 2022. Lag.vn will update this article with spoilers right away, so bookmark it now if you don’t want to miss it!

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