What is Ahegao – History of the great “Empire” Ahegao!

Ahegao is a very, very familiar keyword for those who are passionate about “210”. However, what exactly is ahegao and how does it affect our lives today? Let’s learn about this great “empire” with Lag.

What is achko?

Ahegao is a word used in adult products, Japanese 18+ cultural products. There is another name for this keyword, “O-face”, which describes the expression of a character (usually a female) when “seggs”.

ahegao’s expression is very distinctive and highly recognizable. Ahegao’s face will usually include: eyes rolled back, tongue sticking out, and a flushed face.

Since the early 1990s, ahegao has gone through an impressive development path. In Japan, due to the proliferation of adult products such as JAV, 18+ manga, hentai, eroge, etc., ahegao has gradually become an independent genre.

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The history of ahegao

As mentioned above, ahegao is a genre where you can find 18+ cultural offerings in all forms. Since the 90s, works using ahegao have gradually appeared in JAV, hentai or eroge. Years later, this genre appears most in endless agehao and 18+ anime due to the special image of manga, anime is perfect for this “dangdang” face.

In recent years, ahegao has reached a new level. ahegao is not just an image on paper or screen, business people are now applying it to many different products.

Hoodie Ahegao

Hoodie ahegao is probably the most popular product. On this shirt, there will be a series of ahegao faces arranged side by side. Blinds are usually only monochrome, but…they can evoke a variety of emotions in the wearer and viewer.

Fact: There is usually a character with heart-shaped eyes on an ahegao hoodie. This is character Z3 from the Kantai Collection where the author Asanagi has turned into a “spiky owl” and has a striking O-shaped emoji. Now that you’ve seen the Z3 pictures, please wake up everyone.

Following the success of the ahegao hoodie, other garments followed. We have ahegao tops, ahegao pants, and even… ahegao panties. Of course, there are not many customers who dare to use these products, but those who dare to take to the streets with “full load” are either considered to be gods of war, or they are avoided by everyone.

Fact: Japan is known for having a plethora of smart products. A few years ago, a manufacturer released…ahegao toilet paper. The product was as expensive as hot cakes at the time and is still popular today.

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What is achko?

On the other hand, ahegao also sometimes becomes a trend on social networking sites. Especially for the “only fans” sisters, this is a quite “powerful” weapon to attract followers.

Although the strength is different from time to time, Akhgao will definitely live well and live for many years. What do you think personally? Do you like ahegao? You know what else the ahegao “empire” doesn’t mention by Lag? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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