Chainsaw Man 110 Spoiler Prediction, Chapter 109 Explained: Electric Shock vs Demon War!

Chainsaw Man 110 Spoiler Prediction, Chapter 109 Summary: Transformed into a Chainsaw Man, Denji easily defeated Yuko. Yoru goes to face Denji – will there be a fight between them?

Chainsaw Man 109 Summary

At the beginning of the chapter, Yuko’s hazy consciousness in her massive body concludes that there can be no school violence without school – and she begins to destroy everything in front of her. The witcher summoned the mantis to attack, but to no avail. They were killed quickly. Yuko is overjoyed, but then she realizes she’s badly hurt Asha. Knowing that it was her fault, Yuko blamed the female student for bullying Asha.

Just about to kill the girl, Yuko stopped when Denji intervened. Yuko was about to attack when Denji transformed into Yuko’s body. Panicked, Yuko frantically attacks and tries to read Denji’s mind. This is because Denji has no idea other than “how to let people know he’s the chainsaw man”.

Asa slowly came to his senses and saw that the Chainsaw Man was slaughtering his friend. Ye Ruo took his place and shouted:

Chainsaw Man!

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Chainsaw Man 110 Spoiler Predictions

Chainsaw Man 110

On the last page of Chapter 109, we see that Yuko has been chopped to pieces, but her mouth is still intact. In her pain, will she tell Yoru that the chainsaw man is Denji?

Now is not the time to go head-to-head with the enemy. However, there were many weapons around Yuko’s corpse. If no one intervenes, there may be a small quarrel between them. In Lag’s view, however, Denji wouldn’t fight. Instead, he’ll try to prove he’s a chainsaw man. Too much, maybe Asa/Yoru will attack Denji. Asa’s body was badly wounded, and perhaps her weakness would have delayed Ye’s fight.

Ah, the mysterious girl from Chapter 108 is nowhere to be found. Maybe she’ll stop Yoru from fighting Denji – maybe she’s already hiding somewhere. What is her plot and role? Based on current developments, we will have to wait for more answers.

The school has been destroyed, meaning Asa, Denji and other students will have to move elsewhere to continue their studies. Well, it would be fun to have Azo and Denji in the same class.

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Chainsaw Man Release Time 110

Chainsaw Man Chapter 110 is scheduled to be released on MangaPlus on November 8th, 2022 at 10pm. Predictions and spoilers will be revealed. Update soon, so be sure to stay tuned!

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