The opening animation Chainsaw Man is shocking because it’s full of Easter eggs thanks to World Cinema!

As a way of paying homage to the globally acclaimed film work, MAPPA has included a number of “Thanksgiving” scenes in the opening sequence of the Chainsaw Man animation. What movie scenes appear in the OP? Let’s take a look at Lag.

Japanese animation chainsaw man Adapted from the manga of the same name by MAPPA Investments. According to the information shared, the Chainsaw Man project is a “job” that the whole team is very passionate about and wants to bring to the best of their ability.

To show their commitment, MAPPA kept the film from the original, with absolutely no scenes involved. They also spent a lot of money so each episode of the first season would have its own ED – making the Chainsaw Man anime a rare name with 12 EDs in a single season.

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The Chainsaw Man’s opening song is “KICK BACK” by Masayoshi Yonezu. At first, the song didn’t really stand out. However, when the opening trailer for The Animated Chainsawman Episode 1 was announced, everything instantly turned upside down.

For fans or those who know the movies of 19xx-20xx, you will find that there are many, many “Easter eggs” incorporated into this opening ceremony. Maybe it’s because they want the Chainsaw Man to be different, or maybe it’s because they know that the author, Naruto Fujimoto, is a movie lover, and MAPPA includes a lot of scenes in thanks for the movies of that era. What are these scenes, let’s see Lag.

Pulp Fiction – 1994

anime chainsaw man

A country without old people – 2007

anime chainsaw man

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes – 1978

Anime chainsaw man opening

Big Lebowski – 1998

anime chainsaw man

Reservoir Dogs – 1992

Chainsaw man anime

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – 2019

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anime chainsaw man

Constantine – 2005

anime chainsaw man

Fight Club – 1999

Anime Chainsaw Man Easter Egg

Don’t Look Up – 1998

Anime Chainsaw Man Easter Egg

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 1974

Anime Chainsaw Man Easter Egg

Jacob’s Ladder – 1990

Anime Chainsaw Man Easter Egg

Sadako and Kako – 2016

In addition to the above-mentioned easter eggs, there are some details in the opening animation of Chainsaw Man that refer to the second comic of Chainsaw Man, Evangelion or some other famous works of art. Probably the most striking is the image below.

Anime Chainsaw Man Easter Egg

Above is the title of the tribute in the Chainsaw Man opening animation. Did lag miss more easter eggs? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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