One Piece 1067 Spoiler Prediction: Vegapunk reveals the truth about Kuma – CP0 landed on Egghead Island!

One Piece 1067 Spoiler Prediction, Chapter 1066 Summary: Vegapunk continues with new information for the Straw Hats — this time about droids and Kuma. Meanwhile, CP0 landed on Egghead Island!

One Piece 1066 Summary

Much of Chapter 1066 is narrated through Shaka, the past of Vegapunk 22 years ago. Punk 01 said that after Ohara was attacked, Vega Punk and Dragon were both friends of Mr. Clover, so they came to visit. Vegapunk realizes that Ohara’s research books have been picked up by giants. Long was extremely angry with the government’s actions, so he formed the Revolutionary Army.

Back in the present, Shaka manipulated the shoes and took Sanji and his party to another place. It seemed he was about to reveal more to them.

Meanwhile, Luffy meets the real Vegapunk inside the giant robot.

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One Piece Spoiler 1066: Vegapunk is Dragon’s friend, Elbaf contains Ohara’s book!

One Piece 1067 Spoiler Prediction

One piece 1067

Shaka seems to trust the Straw Hats quite a bit – probably because of Robin’s presence on the set. The information Shaka revealed to them could be part of the Void Age, or it could be some Old Kingdom technology. Shaka also memorized all the knowledge in Ohara Island’s books, and might give it to Robin.

Vegapunk has already appeared, so the next chapter may see more interaction between him and Luffy. The story of how Vegapunk knew about Kengo Kuma’s transformation into a robot may also be revealed.According to Rager, he has to say something or Bonnie will hit him

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In the flashback, Vegapunk had a big head – but now, his head is even smaller. Many theories suggest that Vegapunk divided his brain into Vegapunk robots so that they could function independently to support his work.

Fact: Vegapunk’s apple-shaped hat is a reference to Isaac Newton, the great mathematician who discovered gravity. Vegapunk’s current appearance and habit of sticking out his tongue is a reference to Albert Einstein.

At the end of the next chapter, maybe the CP0 group will connect. Maybe they will go to the island silently, attack Vega Punk one by one, and then be stopped by the Straw Hats.

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One piece of spoiler 1067

One Piece 1067 spoilers will be updated as soon as possible, scheduled for November 16.

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One Piece release time 1067

piece Episode 1067 is scheduled to be released in Japan on November 21, 2022.Spoiler information will be This article is updated right away, so if you don’t want to miss all the latest news, save this article or bookmark it now!

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