Dragon Ball: The universe is dying, why does the ninth universe angel smile?

Not only was Angel Mohodi not worried, he even laughed when Universe 9 failed and was completely wiped out.

Dragon Ball Super’s “Battle for Thrones” chapter is one of the most dramatic parts of the game, and any universe that loses this battle will be wiped out. The cost of failure is so great that any warrior in the 12 universes must go all out to keep their universe alive.

However, not everyone felt unsafe when their universes vanished, most typically the angel Mojito grinning as his universe 9 was wiped out. This has led many to come up with many different theories about his smug smile, alluded to throughout the film.

As we all know, among the 12 universes, the 9th universe is the place with the lowest level of life and death, that is to say, compared with any universe, it is the universe with the worst human quality and life. In Universe 9, qualities such as kindness and civilization decay and rot over time. So the community’s theory is that Mohito’s smile is a way of proving that this angelic universe has been freed from its burden.

Dragon Ball: Why did the angels of universe 9 smile after the universe died 2

Of course, these are just speculations, because we don’t have much information about the ninth universe, but it can be seen that this is no longer a universe suitable for life to live peacefully. Bergamo even referred to Universe 9 as an “evaporating garbage dump” and argued that anyone who could survive there should receive a “badge of honor.”

Some images of Universe 9 also show that this is a place where a civilization is dying, perhaps that’s why Moren is not happy with the place he rules. According to Morin’s biography provided by Toei, he has a disdain for his universe.

Dragon Ball: Why did the angel of universe 9 smile when his universe was wiped out 3

Mohito is still a rather mysterious angel in Dragon Ball, and fans are hoping that the author will dig more information about this angel in the upcoming Dragon Ball installments.