What is Divine Worm? Ghost phenomenon mentioned in new game of DUT Studio

The worm is a bird-like animal with a red beak. The worms often infiltrate new graves to capture the souls of the newly deceased, when these souls have not yet returned to the Underworld, but have remained around the grave for a period of seven weeks.

The god of torture tortures the soul at night, forcing the ghost to reveal the names of the father, mother, children… so that the god will capture the souls of those people during the time when the relatives of the dead are still alive. mourning, so folk called being caught by the Trung, it can be roughly said that it is dead (tang on the tang). That is also the reason why people often hear the cries of “Father, Mother” echoing late at night, almost far away in cemeteries with new graves.

Another anecdote when talking about the Divine Worm is that a group of people did evil together in a previous life, then hid it undisclosed when reincarnated, and then accidentally passed a new life. reincarnated into the same family (may differ by generations), then one person died and was brutally beaten by the devil and the king for interrogation and then confessed all the crimes that he and the others had committed. the other person worked with me in a previous life. After that, the King of Hell will send Shen Chong to pick up the rest of the group. This is also considered a reason why after a person dies, there are accidentally more people in the same family who die.

How are “magic insects” created?

Mr. Thong Ch – who has a special talent in treating crazy diseases mentioned in the previous article, is not only good at curing diseases but also famous in the region for another area, which is the treatment of worms. But listen to him talk about the nature of this “worm”: “If someone comes to get a magic spell, I’ll threaten: it’s a continuous mourning, there are a few more lives to follow… First of all, make them afraid. I’m afraid to follow me. But then you have to reassure them right away.

People in our countryside often have superstitions and nonsense, if someone dies in the house, they worry about the same thing. Besides, it costs more money and mourns for the dead, resulting in anorexia, anorexia, poor business performance. If you’re not smart, you’ll be sick, and your business will decline right away. It’s right there! So, you have to make a charm to create all sorts of things: Around the charm, draw bullshit on it.

Many people who do not know think that the holy word is a book, and a book that is not clever is also a lie. Then I pretended to make vows, make decisions… let people believe in charms like nails. The goal is to make them feel secure and worry-free. There’s nothing wrong with that!”

This is a talisman given by “saint” Hang in Xuan Tay, Cam My, Dong Nai to those who come to the ceremony. Photo: Ho Chi Minh City Police Newspaper.

Master Thong Ch only stops at the dazzling level when people automatically come to worship. Some others are not so “gentle”. Mr. Tu B in Ngoc Thuy also recounted: “If a family has a dead person, if they refuse to take the charm, I will send the god insect back to that house. At night, I let it cough and sneeze in the house, making everyone shiver. snails, hair on the back of my neck was raised, so I was invited to worship and make charms.

It’s okay, I caught the toad and stuffed the pipe in my mouth and sewed it up. When the owner was away, I sent someone to bring the toad under the bed of that owner’s house. When there is light, it is silent, when the light is turned off, it coughs because it chokes on pipe tobacco.”

In some families, after someone died, there was always a knock on the door at night, but no one came out to see. At night, there are no electric lights, so when you hear the knock on the door, but you can’t hear the human voice, everyone thinks that the ghost has returned. The truth is this:

A teacher named Canh M wrote an autobiography and said: “In order to get money from a rich man who has just died, I have a way to make a ghost knock on the door. To do so, the night the householder buried his family member, I sent someone to apply apricot water to the door of that house. This is the kind of water bats like to smell, so at night they come flying, flapping their wings, smelling auspicious. If a glimpse of a light flickers, there is a sound of footsteps coming out, they will fly away again.

So the owner only heard the sound of knocking on the door but did not see anyone. Terrified, they rushed to pick up the high-handed teacher to set up an altar to worship and cast spells to exorcise ghosts. We set up an altar to make expensive offerings and then pretend to be enchanted, to purify that is to wash the door with magic water and then put a talisman on it. So, the evil spirits can be eliminated for the homeowner because the smell of bats will not fly to flap their wings anymore.”

The most lamentable, the most horrifying are the cries of a tortured person from the grave of the newly deceased. Once you encounter this situation, you have to worship a lot, you have to invite the teacher to be very skillful. But only families with blood in the face will be “played” by these teachers.

In that case, folk speculated that because this person died at a bad time or had a lot of karma when he died, he was sent by God to God Kem to come down to the knee to interrogate him for his crimes. And because the dead were tortured so painfully that from the grave came a cry of grief and lamentation. To avoid such torture, a sorcerer must be invited to cast spells.

What is Divine Worm?  The phenomenon of ghosts is mentioned in the new game of DUT Studio 2

This is another form of amulet. Having a “holy” talent can’t figure out what the charm is written or painted because it’s the charm that is squiggly. Photo: Internet.

The secret of that cry is this: They bury a cat in a hole covered with a pot (the old clay pot used for sticky rice dishes – TG) with a vent to the ground (for the cat to breathe) right in front of it. next to the graves of the dead. Wait until the quiet night, they let the cat down, the cat squealed, making the owner think that the family member was being interrogated.

At night, no one dared to go to the grave to see what the sound was. Well, the god of the broken spirit can’t think of all kinds of evil. For peace of mind, they will immediately invite the shaman to come. If it is true that the teacher is the author of the cat, then he only needs to worship and then come out at night to release the cat or kill it, the grave will be beautiful immediately.

If the owner invites another teacher, who is not the author of the cat, it will still cry and then this teacher is not a master, he will go around and find the right author.

Insect charm charm

Such is the story of the divine insect, so what about the “study” to treat the divine insect? Let’s listen to Thong Nguyen Van Th from Phuong Do (Ha Tay), who was once famous for his secret to opening tombs and treating gods:

“If any house is unlucky, two or three people die immediately, I spread the news that there are duplicates. No one is afraid of being next to death, so they will invite me to worship. When I met the owner, I timed it and threatened to open the grave and cast a spell. The life game “If you get sick, pay homage to the four directions”, when the family is confused, it is easy to believe what anyone says.

I pretended to be important and said: “Opening this grave, the teacher has to be very skilled to treat it or else “it” will beat it to death”. But if you’re with me, don’t be afraid. I have permission. Need for two other people, healthy follow me. I stand to keep the permission to dig.

I told these people: “If you dig up and you see a stench, don’t spit.” I had permission to make the unclean air go away.

When the open plank was up, I told them to come up so I could come down to do the magic. In my pocket I already had a pack of disinfectants. It includes the amulet, the dew, the melancholy demon, the oil umbrella, the three halves, the clove, the anise, the cinnamon chi, the silver crystal, the iron crystal, the copper extract… and a handful of betel nut residues collected at the market called “Bach Bach” Hundred Words” dispersed and mixed together. I just sprinkled a turn on the board and burned a large handful of incense to stop the rot.

After spraying, call them down to the canal and then sprinkle another round on the dead body. Cast an enchantment and then cover it. Thanks to that “antidote”, I became famous as a skilled sorcerer and made money from people.”

I think, by this point, readers must already know the basics of the tricks of the “teacher’s profession”. So never waste your money on expensive offerings to enrich your ancestors.