One-Punch Man 222 spoiler preview: Fubuki goes to the Saitama-Tatsumaki sisters for a duel!

One Punch Man 222 spoiler preview, Chapter 221 content introduction: In the next chapter, Fubuki will come to pick up Saitama and go with him to find the “special” person. Chenjuan is also about to appear, but this time she is here to deal with her sister!

One Punch Man 221 Summary

In Chapter 221, Honey Mask seems to start to notice Saitama after watching a video of a bald hero fighting a robot. Honey Mask considers it an overwhelming beauty that everyone must marvel at.

Elsewhere, Fubuki goes to meet “someone” somewhere. As for Saitama, he’s at the guest house. Just chatting with my friend for a few minutes, I was annoyed by… Saitama. The A-level heroes did not continue to familiarize themselves with the text, but forcibly solicited Saitama’s conversation.

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One Punch Man 222 Spoiler Trailer

One Punch Man 222

The main content of the next chapter will revolve around the following two developments:

The first thing that unfolds is the duel between the three A-level heroes and Saitama. The dance of the “children” is quite amazing, but in the face of Saitama’s overwhelming strength, all they show is mosquitoes. The guy who fights with Le will soon be hit and killed by… Fubuki’s car.

Fubuki is here to take Saitama to meet someone – and that person is Psychos. Fubuki wants Saitama to go with him because…Tatsumaki will definitely show up. The rest of the highlight – Fubuki VS Tatsumaki!

Through Psykos’ testimony, the heroes will learn more about GOD (…or not). The relationship between the Fubuki and Psykos sisters will also be clarified. Fubuki is of course not strong enough to fight Tatsumaki, so Saitama will join the fight soon!

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Spoiler: One Punch Man 222 Is Official

Information One Punch Man 222 spoilers will be updated as soon as possible.

One Punch Man release time 222

According to the plan, Chapter 222 of One Punch Man will be December 1st. Spoiler alert information will be updated by as soon as possible.

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