Anime Isekai Ojisan has been canceled due to… not making the movie in time!

After two hiatuses due to production problems, the Isekai Ojisan anime will cancel its broadcast and schedule a re-release in the future. Detailed information about the cause as well as the screening schedule of Isekai Ojisan is as follows:

What is Isekai Ojisan?

Isekai Ojisan is an anime adaptation of the web manga of the same name by author Hotondo Shindeiru. Film made by studio AtelierPontdarc, officially on television and Netflix in July 2022.

Isekai Ojisan has the main content revolving around Ojisan, an uncle who used to travel to another world and now returns to the ordinary world. With the magic he learned from the other world, Ojisan started… showing movies and telling his grandson about what he had been through.

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Anime Isekai Ojisan has been canceled due to not making the movie in time!

Isekai Ojisan cancels broadcast

After the broadcast of episode 5, Isekai Ojisan issued a notice of temporary cancellation due to the appearance of many COVID-19 cases in the production team. After 2 weeks of absence, Isekai Ojisan continued to air… only to have to take a break after episode 7. The reason was given because the amount of work was too dense while the personnel was in serious shortage. .

AtelierPontdarc is a rather small studio. Before Isekai Ojisan, they had only made the Ganbare Douki-chan anime – an anime with each episode lasting only 5 minutes. The production team of Isekai Ojisan is not a novice, but it is clear that with a limited number of staff – now with the COVID-19 problem, continuing to make Isekai Ojisan is clearly a bit overwhelming.

And in the end, whatever happens will happen. Recently, AtelierPontdarc has made the decision that they will cancel the broadcast of Isekai Ojisan. The film crew will rearrange the working schedule and complete the remaining episodes as soon as possible.

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Isekai Ojisan’s New Release Time

Isekai Ojisan anime

As planned, the Isekai Ojisan anime will start re-broadcasting from the first episode on October 6, 2022. Thus, around November 24, the audience will be able to continue watching Isekai Ojisan episode 8 on May 24. 11.

Additional: Isekai Ojisan’s Netflix broadcast plan has yet to be announced.

Despite receiving great support, Isekai Ojisan still has to leave the “battlefield”. Hopefully in the future, the AtelierPontdarc team will do their job well and bring us the best quality anime episodes.

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