Spoiler Kanojo Okarishimasu 252: Chizuru is drunk – Kazuya takes the opportunity…

The latest, most accurate spoiler information and all you need to know about Kanojo Okarishimasu 252: Meet at the bar, Chizuru, Kazuya and Mini drinking happily. While Chizuru was getting drunk, Kazuya began to confess his feelings…

Summary of Kanojo Okarishimasu 251

In chapter 251, Mini invites Kazuya out for a drink to discuss plans for the future. According to her, this is the most appropriate time for Kaz to suggest living with Chizuru. Kazuya sounds like it, but it’s still too shy so he doesn’t know how to act.

After a while, Mini texted Chizuru that they were going out for a drink. Since she was quite lonely, Chizuru dressed up and went to sit with everyone.

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Spoiler Kanojo Okarishimasu 251: Date ‘bar’ hand

Spoiler Kanojo Okarishimasu 252

kanojo okarishimasu 252

Chizuru’s appearance at the tavern attracts the attention of the bridegroom. Like so many times, as soon as Chiz sat down, Kazuya turned on the mode to examine the heroine. Extremely stressed from not expecting to have a drink with Chizuru (and even talking about living together), Kazuya kept picking up the cup and 100%!

Chizuru pulls out an envelope and gives it to Kazuya, saying that this is the housecleaning fee. She also added that the sale of the house is having some problems, so she will probably rely on him in the future.

Rarely had the opportunity to sit together, Mini said it was time to let off all the gas and drink all the hiccups. It sounds good, but Mini is actually trying to get Chizuru drunk – I don’t know what the reason is.

With alcohol in and out, Chizuru asked why Mini and Kazuya were drinking. Best support told them to go talk about Chizuru. The heroine turned to Kazuya and said:

If you want to say something, why not say it directly to me?

Kazuya decided to tell the truth that he felt a bit sad that he couldn’t live next to each other anymore. He asked Chizuru how she was feeling, and received an answer:

Yes. So what?

When Kazuya heard that, his face turned purple. What will happen next? Let’s wait for next week.

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Kanojo Okarishimasu Release Date 252

Kanojo Okarishimasu chapter 252 is expected to be released on September 21, 2022. Spoiler information for chapter 253 will be updated by Lag.vn as soon as possible.

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